In numbers: The COVID-19 pandemic

Data | What's afoot on the COVID-19 vaccine front?

Health workers at a dry run for administering COVID-19 vaccine at a community centre in Gandhinagar. VIJAY SONEJI Vijay Soneji  

As many as 10 countries have begun administering COVID-19 vaccines even as the number of candidates under trial more than doubled in December compared to August. Three vaccines, developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna Inc., and Sinopharm, have been given full approval by various countries. India, awaiting its vaccine rollout, has reserved about 1.6 billion doses, which is roughly one dose per person. Most of the prominent vaccine candidates require two doses per person.

Phase check

The chart depicts the number of vaccine candidates across different phases of trials as of August 17, November 25 and December 27. Sixty-four vaccines are under clinical trials on humans, compared to 30 in August.


Vaccine doses administered

The map depicts the number of vaccine doses administered across countries. The darker the shade, the higher the number of doses. The U.S. led with around 1.9 million doses administered as of December 26.