In numbers: The COVID-19 pandemic

Data | Kerala leads States in testing for coronavirus, Maharashtra in infections

Kochi/ Kerala, 16/03/2020: Workers from other States wait to return home at Ernakulam Junction railway station, following the Covid 19 situation and fall in demand for manual jobs. Photo:H. Vibhu/The Hindu.   | Photo Credit: H_Vibhu

Both Kerala and Maharashtra have lately seen an exponential rise in cases, also have relatively higher testing rates, with Kerala leading by a huge margin. Pune has recorded the most no. of cases among districts.

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Case progression in States

Of 36 States/U.T.s, 23 have registered at least one case. The chart shows the day-wise progression of COVID-19 cases since the first case in each State.

Which States saw high jumps in the number of cases

image/svg+xml Days since 1st case Cases 90 70 50 30 10 6 14 22 30 38 46 54 Maharashtra is on a steeper curve The rest are middling Telangana Delhi U.P. Karnataka Ladakh T.N. Gujarat recorded its first case later than many States but has seen a sharp increase since The number of cases in Kerala remained low for a long time before a surge

The number of cases recorded as of March 23 across States in the above chart is as of 5 P.M. on March 23. For the latest case count click here.

Testing rates

The data for samples tested were available for only some States. Among them, Kerala leads by a huge margin, while West Bengal has tested the least number of samples.

COVID-19 testing rates by State


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District-wise cases

According to the latest but undated data available with the Union Health Ministry, 87 districts recorded at least one case. The map shows the cases recorded in these districts. The darker the shade, the higher the no. of cases. The district data are unclear, however. For instance, under the U.T. of J&K, a district named “Kashmir” has been listed. However, Kashmir region has 10 different districts. In Karnataka, a district named “Bangalore” is listed. It is unclear whether the numbers pertain to Bengaluru city or to the rural parts (Bengaluru Urban is a separate district). Also there is no time stamp for the data.

Which districts recorded the most cases?