Artist Bhavya Desai’s latest illustrations delve into the chaotic energy of the Indian Railways

Gowri S

Laughter challenger: Munawar Faruqui finds humour in life against all odds

Nahla Nainar

COVID-19: Contemporary artistes help folk performers across Tamil Nadu through the second wave

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Musician Vijay Siva as Muthuswami Dikshitar

Carnatic music marries theatre in The Madras Players’ ‘Trinity’, set to reach a global audience

Gowri S
Pradeep Kumar died of COVID-19 complications on May 23, 2021.

Pradeep Kumar: a bright reporter, biker and friend

Priyadarshini Paitandy
A scene from Christoph Pohl’s documentary 'Ever Slow Green'

Documentary on Auroville’s afforestation project to be screened at ChangeNow summit

S. Prasad

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