Aryan Mishra (second from left) had made headlines when he discovered an asteroid at the age of 14.

500 astronomy labs yet to see light of day

Hemani Bhandari
Depleted soils: Another reasons for low nutrients can be that the soils supporting plants could be low in plant-available nutrients

Are your staple rice and wheat losing their nutrients?

Aswathi Pacha
Canine culture: The dogs’ language is a complex one involving intricate behavioural displays – gestures, vocalisations, movements, mating rituals etc.

Dog language now falls in line: pattern analysis study

Shubashree Desikan
Representational image only.

Study finds diabetics could be at risk for depressive symptoms

R. Sujatha
A woman, wearing a mask, walks past a painting depicting the protective measures against coronavirus, in Vijayawada on Sunday.

COVID-19: Experts recommend throat gargle sample test for children

Afshan Yasmeen
iOS 15 brings secure sharing and new insights for users within the Health app.

All you need to know about Apple’s Health Sharing feature

Divya Kala Bhavani
  • 4hrs
It's not clear if concern about stolen data being dumped online influenced the decision of either company to pay.

Paying fortifies ransomware gangs but scant support for bans

Researchers used AI to deliberately generate false information on COVID-19

AI-generated fake reports can trick cybersecurity experts, study says

Abhishek Chatterjee
  • 6hrs
Megaderma spasma, an insectivorous bat. Credit: Harish Prakash

Forest fragments in agricultural areas are key to bat conservation: study

Aswathi Pacha
In this Sept. 1, 2011, file photo, two Koalas climb a tree at a zoo in Sydney, Australia.

Australia may list east coast koalas as endangered

An Ashy Woodswallow perched on a palm tree near the Mudhaliarkuppam backwaters/ Odiyur lake. Photo: Sidharth Srinivasan

Uncommon Residents From Mandaveli to Mahabalipuram: How the ashy woodswallow receded from urban spaces

Prince Frederick

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