Members of the Western Ghats Plant Specialist Group in Udhagamandalam.

Expert group to assess threats to plant species in the Nilgiris

Rohan Premkumar
The molecular biodiversity research division lab at the Government Arts College in Udhagamandalam.

Laboratory comes up with technique to identify wildlife species from DNA

Rohan Premkumar​
The tree hyrax song may continue for more than twelve minutes, and it consists of different syllables that are combined and repeated in various ways. Credit: Hanna Rosti.

Listen to the strange call of a possible new mammal species from Africa

Aswathi Pacha

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Number one: The Sind krait (seen in the picture) has been identified as the snake with the most potent venom in India.

Lookalike snakes but with self-styled venoms

Shubashree Desikan
In this picture taken on January 12, 2021, rhino caretaker Forid Mia cuddles a rhino inside an enclosure at the zoo in Dhaka.

Bangladesh zoo seeks mate for lonely Kanchi the Rhino

Impact: Frequent flash droughts can have deleterious effects on crop production in India.

More flash droughts in India by end of century

Aswathi Pacha

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