The tree hyrax song may continue for more than twelve minutes, and it consists of different syllables that are combined and repeated in various ways. Credit: Hanna Rosti.

Listen to the strange call of a possible new mammal species from Africa

Aswathi Pacha
Impact: Frequent flash droughts can have deleterious effects on crop production in India.

More flash droughts in India by end of century

Aswathi Pacha
Ooceraea decamera (top) and Ooceraea joshii. Credit: Zookeys [Bharti H. et al. 2021]

Two new species of ants discovered from Kerala and Tamil Nadu


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Female praying mantis Credit: Nathan Burke

How the male mantis avoids being decapitated after mating

Himalayan Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)

India home to both species of red panda, says ZSI study

Shiv Sahay Singh
An Orange-headed Thrush at Indiranagar in Adyar. Photo: Vikas Madhav Nagarajan

Migrant Watch Flying oranges at the gardens of Theosophical Society

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