A seed mask made by Paper Seed.

Now, masks that grow into plants upon disposal

Raviprasad Kamila
A Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, or Ibama, agent measures a tree trunk during an operation to combat illegal mining and logging in the municipality of Novo Progresso, Para State, northern Brazil, November 11, 2016.

Only 3% of land areas unblemished by humans: study


How bycatch along Indian coast is posing a significant threat to enigmatic marine megafauna

Nivedita Ganguly

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A group of poachers led by a retired Major of Pakistan Army (in circle) with the carcasses of two GIBs hunted down in Cholistan desert. Special rrangement.
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Bustard poaching in Pakistan desert shocks wildlife activists

Mohammed Iqbal
Health officials inspecting bats to be confiscated and culled at a live animal market in Solo, Indonesia.

WHO urges halt on sale of live wild mammals in markets

Dhole or Asiatic wild dog, an endangered large carnivore, in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wayanad sanctuary a haven for Asiatic wild dog


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