Genes at play: One gene promotes glucose uptake and consumption by breast cancer cells whereas another does the opposite.

Glucose addiction can foment tumours

Aswathi Pacha
Shaped by competition: Evolved traits enabled the fruit flies to maintain fitness in adverse conditions.

Fruit flies evolve in response to environment

Shubashree Desikan
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Medical staff busy in last minute revision for vaccination at jumbo COVID-19 vaccination centre at Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai on the eve of first phase vaccination drive.

Scientists divided over restricted use approval for Covaxin

R. Prasad

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Web of facts: The study finds that a spider subfamily, Theotiminae, might have come from Africa, whereas a sister family, Ochyroceratinae, has a South American origin.

Watch | Can spiders build webs in space?

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Loring and Schwerdt, and their search for poliovirus

A healthcare worker works on a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) test from a positive patient inside a COVID-19 unit at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey, U.S. | File

Coronavirus | Most hospitalised COVID-19 patients have at least one symptom 6 months after falling ill: study


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