Changing world: Adult female from Durban (A), compared with an adult male (yellow throat patch) and female from Mauritius (B).

Guttural toads shrunk in size on two islands

Aswathi Pacha
Effect of insult: With a larger study, the team of researchers envisages developing a suitable risk score for predicting vasoplegia as a complication that can happen following surgery.

Shubashree Desikan
Revealing find: This discovery suggests that the genus may be even more widely distributed than previously thought.

Shuvabrata Garai

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Room for improvement: The current method for SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis, the RT-PCR test, does not have the capacity to keep pace with the increasing demand.

D.M. Vasudevan
This composite, false-color image of Mount Sharp inside Gale crater on Mars shows geologists a changing planetary environment. On Mars, the sky is not blue, but the image was made to resemble Earth so that scientists could distinguish stratification layers.


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