The Long March-5 Y5 rocket, carrying the Chang’e-5 lunar probe, takes off from Wenchang Space Launch Center, in Wenchang, Hainan province, China on November 24, 2020

China launches Moon probe to bring back lunar rocks

This composite, false-color image of Mount Sharp inside Gale crater on Mars shows geologists a changing planetary environment. On Mars, the sky is not blue, but the image was made to resemble Earth so that scientists could distinguish stratification layers.

A bee in flight in search of nectar at a park in Visakhapatnam | File

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Stick to plans: The trials should go on and complete their full pre-established planned duration, says Anant Bhan.

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Training programmes: Nearly 2,500 ASHA workers and 1,000 field workers were trained.

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Fossil: Tooth of Bagualia alba.

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