Device providing super-hearing. The spherical array has 6 microphones sensitive to ultrasound. The ultrasounds are played back to the headphones so that the listener can detect the direction of their source correctly.Credit: Ville Pulkki/Aalto University

Hearing beyond the normal range

A school of fish swim above a staghorn coral colony as it grows on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns, Australia

UNESCO to downgrade status of Great Barrier Reef; Australia blames political interference


When the world’s first stored-program computer ran its first program


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A palaeoartist's impression of the dinosaurs and their footprints. Credit: Megan Jacobs

Footprints of dinosaurs that walked 110 million years ago found

Depleted soils: Another reasons for low nutrients can be that the soils supporting plants could be low in plant-available nutrients

Are your staple rice and wheat losing their nutrients?

Aswathi Pacha
Canine culture: The dogs’ language is a complex one involving intricate behavioural displays – gestures, vocalisations, movements, mating rituals etc.

Dog language now falls in line: pattern analysis study

Shubashree Desikan

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