Reconstructed view of “baby Milky Way” SPT0418-47. Photo: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), Rizzo et al.

‘Baby’ Milky Way discovered 12 billion light years away


Asymptomatic people too carry high viral loads

R. Prasad
Many unknowns: Terms such as immunity passports may not have relevance as we do not know about specific immune responses and duration of protection.

Is there a case for issuing immunity certificates?

R. Prasad

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Strategy wise: Countries implementing national social distancing policy showed greater reductions in transmision compared to those with regional policies.

Study finds physical distancing linked to drop in coronavirus spread

High grade: A ventilator has to be exactly calibrated or it can cause altered pressure changes.

Ventilators can heal but also harm

M.R. Rajagopal

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