In this undated photo provided by John-Paul Hodnett are a row of teeth on the lower jaw of a 300-million-year-old shark species named this week following a nearly complete skeleton of the species in 2013 in New Mexico.

‘Godzilla’ shark discovered in New Mexico gets formal name

Life-size T-Rex models are unloaded and maneuvered into position for a dinosaur exhibition in the biosphere hall of Potsdam, northern Germany on Tuesday, March 7, 2006.

Study shows T. rex numbered 2.5 billion

A Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, or Ibama, agent measures a tree trunk during an operation to combat illegal mining and logging in the municipality of Novo Progresso, Para State, northern Brazil, November 11, 2016.

Only 3% of land areas unblemished by humans: study


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Working sequence: The first dose is a priming dose while the second dose given 28 days later is partially priming and partially boosting, and hence its boosting effect is short-lived, says Jacob John.

Can Covaxin booster dose prolong protection?

R. Prasad
Lively ancestor: Artist's impression of a cynodont, a group that ultimately gave rise to the present-day mammals.

The story of 220-million-year-old rat-like creatures via microfossils

Aswathi Pacha
Ground station: The Aditya-L1 Support Centre, to come up near Nainital, will provide training through regular workshops for guest users.

ARIES facility will host the support centre for Aditya-L1

Shubashree Desikan

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