This NASA photo shows NASA's Ingenuity helicopter unlocking its rotor blades, allowing them to spin freely, on April 7, 2021, the 47th Martian day, or sol, of the mission.

NASA delays Mars helicopter flight for tech check

Photograph of surfacing Indus River dolphin (left: photo credit WWF-Pakistan) and Ganges River dolphin (right: photo credit: Mansur/WCS Bangladesh)

Indus and Ganges river dolphins are two different species

Aswathi Pacha
An artist impression of a new species of mammal, baptized with the name Orretherium tzen and which inhabited Patagonia during the Upper Cretaceous

Beast of five teeth: Chilean scientists unearth skunk that walked among dinosaurs


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This August 2017 photo made available by Fermilab shows the Muon g-2 ring at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory outside of Chicago.

Another hint of ‘new physics’, this time from Fermilab

Shubashree Desikan
The space pen.

How do astronauts write in space?

In School Team
An ice shelf in Antarctica. File photo for representation.

Third of Antarctic ice shelf area at collapse risk due to global warming: Study


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