Supplies of many models were tight even before the chip shortage because automakers were having trouble making up for production lost to the pandemic.

Starving for more chips in a tech-hungry world

New small business coalition targets Amazon on antitrust.

New small business coalition targets Amazon on antitrust

The tech firms are shifting their focus to booming Southeast Asian markets as authorities tighten the screws at home amid concerns about the platforms' growing power

Facing pressure at home, Chinese tech giants expand in Singapore


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Amazon's concept smart sticky note printer features voice-to-print technology. | Picture by special arrangement.

Amazon is testing a new way to sell its “favourite concepts”

Ishan Patra
Facebook will also start adding informational labels to some posts on climate in the UK that will direct people to the information centre.

Facebook says its new features can help debunk common climate myths

Sowmya Ramasubramanian
Marian Croak, VP, Google

Google restructures AI team after researcher’s contentious departure

Aditya Saroha

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