The Supreme Court’s ruling expands access, makes it easier for more women to get safe abortions

Gujarat did well to organise the National Games in a short time 
‘The opportunity for significant legislative reform has been squandered not just for surveillance and Internet shutdowns but also for net neutrality’

Letting go of a chance to democratise telecom services

Anushka JainTejasi Panjiar
‘The HOMES data show us that the first step towards tackling basic issues of access and confidence in the elderly is to address vision loss’

As India ages, keeping an eye on the elderly

Tejah BalantrapuSrinivas Marmamula
As far as the eye can see... and more

After the floods, Bengaluru needs to clean up its act

T.R. Raghunandan
U.P. CM Yogi Adityanath greets Bhupendra Singh Chaudhary. SANDEEP SAXENA SANDEEP SAXENA

Political Line | Divisive politics, BJP tilt towards Jats, business moves and more

Varghese K. George

Nearly ten years later, have we come full circle?

Suresh Menon
Students paint a tribute to Queen Elizabeth in Mumbai.

Nostalgia as currency: is Kolkata cashing in on Raj memories?

Sandip Roy
Films have the ability to make the audience bond with the craft presented. 
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At the movies

Filza Zaki Khan
If kaleidoscope is essential and interesting to explain to the students about reflection of light, wouldn’t it be worthwhile if the teacher performs it as a one-hour science practical activity along with all the children?
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The making of a kaleidoscope

Rishi Kanna
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The degree I do not like

Sarangapani Bashyam