Bridging the gap in science
Pursuing a career in consulting requires developing both hard and soft skills.
Several tools on various ed-tech platforms allow students to explore course and university options that are the right fit for them.

Let’s talk about Science

Shubashree Desikan

Consult, the right way

Aparna Dubey

Facilitating a smoother foreign study experience

Akshay Chaturvedi
Science and the Arts are complementary and necessary for holistic development.

A healthy blend

While the GRE test score is accepted by many graduate schools, there are also subject tests available for select programmes.

Tips to crack the GRE

Krithika Srinivasan

Off The Edge Future plans

Nandini Raman
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Comment | Higher Education post-COVID-19

C.P. Gopinathan K. Ramachandran

Convince the student first

Raghavan Srinivasan

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