With the financial industry digitising in a big way, reports show that 62% of accounting firms are implementing cloud-based technologies
Do the marks the students have obtained give a clear picture of the knowledge they have acquired?
The stories and origins of these phrases prove that, as a species, we’ve always liked to play around with the way we communicate.

Cash in on the cloud

Ankit Shyamsukha

Meeting future challenges

Albert P Rayan

Know your acronyms

Anupama Raju
Knowledge of English is important as it contributes to education, employment, and brings communities together.

Communicate effectively and confidently

Anand Dani
It has become imperative to support and identify the value and potential of employees to achieve sustainable business growth.

Redefining HR

Sarita Digumarti
Countries are slowly beginning to ease norms for international students.

Career cues Spread your wings

Richa Dwivedi Saklani
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Comment | Higher Education post-COVID-19

C.P. Gopinathan K. Ramachandran

Convince the student first

Raghavan Srinivasan

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