In numbers: The COVID-19 pandemic

Data | U.S. bears the brunt of global COVID-19 deaths in December; Delhi, W.B. and Punjab record spurt in fatalities

A medical worker administers a test for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at a pop-up testing site in Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S. File   | Photo Credit: Reuters

In December, the number of daily COVID-19-related deaths in the U.S. shot up to the levels seen in April. However, the U.S.’s Case Fatality Rate (CFR = deaths/cases) is on the decline, like in most other nations.

India’s share of global deaths has been reducing since the September peak, with its CFR remaining low at 1.5%. Within India, the CFR is on the decline in most high-burden States except Punjab. Delhi’s and West Bengal’s share in India’s deaths have recorded a sudden spurt.

Share of deaths

The tables list the % of new deaths in 10 nations and 10 Indian States with the most deaths as on December 8, as a share of total deaths in the world and India, respectively. In December, 21% of the world’s deaths occurred in the U.S.

Among the Indian States, the death burden in Maharastra, Karnataka, and T.N. eased over the last few months, while in Delhi and W.B., it increased. Notably, the combined share of the top 10 nations/States is on a decreasing trend.




The tables show the CFR at the end of each month of the countries/States listed above. CFR is on a decreasing trend in most countries/States. In Punjab alone, it is increasing.