1. ‘Very optimistic’ about the Indian start-up sector’, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Richard Burge tells Sriram Lakshman in an interview.
  2. Kohelet Policy Forum | On a mission to reshape Israel – G. Sampath writes about the think tank, founded by an Israeli-American who shifted from New York to the West Bank.
  3. The lessons of Hiroshima must not drift away, cautions Priyanjali Malik, author of India’s Nuclear Debate: Exceptionalism and the Bomb.
  4. America’s pursuit of Saudi-Israel rapprochement: The Biden administration’s diplomacy is taking place under challenging circumstances, but its global fallout could be quite profound, writes former diplomat Mahesh Sachdev.
  5. Coup in Niger: The Hindu editorial on the ouster of President Mohamed Bazoum, which it termed “a blow” to political stability in the nascent democracy.