1. Rassemblement National: France’s rally towards the right. The far-right party, whose neo-fascist predecessor was once on the margins of French politics, is aiming to win the coming parliamentary polls, after trouncing President Macron’s centrists in the EU elections, writes Joan Sony Cherian in The Hindu Profiles.
  2. Britain’s summer of discontent. Instead of looking forward with hope, Britain is looking back in anger, as it gets ready to vote on July 4, writes Priyanjali Malik.
  3. From warp speed to reset, the state of India-U.S. ties. A close look at the ‘good, the not-so-good, and what could-become ugly’ in the relationship, writes Suhasini Haidar.
  4. Why India needs a third aircraft carrier. Building the IAC-2, albeit with upgrades, modifications and greater local content compared with IAC-1 Vikrant, is also intended to prevent CSLs carrier-building expertise from lapsing into disuse, writes Rahul Bedi.
  5. One more chance: On Israel and the Biden three-phase ceasefire plan. Israel will have to accept the UN-backed ceasefire proposal or face isolation, write The Hindu in this editorial.