1. Nikhil Gupta, the businessman accused in the U.S. for an assassination plot against Khalistani separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, has not asked for consular help, according to the Ministry of External Affairs – while Canadian Parliament held a moment of silence for Nijjar killing anniversary even as India said it will mourn Kanishka victims - Suhasini Haidar writes on the sensitive diplomatic issues. Also watch her latest on Worldview on the Nijjar killing - Pannun case: How should India manage diplomatic fallout?
  2. Where does India stand with respect to the G-7? Suhasini Haidar explains.
  3. The reincarnation of the next Dalai Lama will have major geopolitical implications and China will not have any role to play either in the process of reincarnation, search, and training of the next Dalai Lama, the former Sikyong (political leader) of the Central Tibetan Administration Dr. Lobsang Sangay has said.. Meanwhile US lawmakers have said China must hold talks with the Dalai Lama.
  4. In a pitch to U.K.’s Muslim voters, Tory candidate cites government’s actions in Kashmir – Sriram Lakshman reports
  5. A progressive Indian policy on Myanmar outlined – Angshuman Choudhury writes on New Delhi’s stance of defining its ‘interests’ in the Southeast Asian country in narrow strategic terms needs to change