1. Is the post-Cold War security order changing? In a discussion with The Hindu, P.S. Raghavan, the former chairman of the National Security Advisory Board, and Nandan Unnikrishnan, distinguished fellow at ORF, New Delhi, discuss the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the push for a new security equilibrium in Europe.
  2. A “Freedom Convoy” that is turning into a roadblock to public safety What are the demands of Canada’s protesting truckers? Why has Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act? G. L. Narayanan explains the Canadian truckers protests in Text and Context. 
  3. Tackling racism in Hong Kong, one joke at a time The everyday experience of Indians in Hong Kong is a central theme in the comedy routines of Vivek Mahbubani, reports Ananth Krishnan from Hong Kong. 
  4. Putin’s man at the table Russia’s long-time Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is facing a tough challenge over Ukraine, writes Stanly Johny in The Hindu Profiles.
  5. A nexus fostering Muslim authoritarianism The Islam-state relationship must be redesigned to promote intellectual and economic creativity, argues A. Faizur Rahman.