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  • SC asks Supertech to refund money to flat owners of Apex and Ceyane towers in Noida
  • Reports of bugging devices in Gadkari’s house baseless: Home Minister tells LS
The concrete wall through which fortunate children made their escape. Photo: Vino John
The Hindu The concrete wall through which fortunate children made their escape. Photo: Vino John

Kumbakonam school fire: 10 convicted

94 children were charred to death when fire broke out at a private school in Kumbakonam on July 16, 2004. »

Uproar in RS over 'bugging' in Gadkari's house

Congress created storm over reports on Gadkari’s house being bugged and high powered listening devices found. »


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. File photo.

After Flipkart, Amazon announces $2 billion investment in India

Amazon’s announcement also comes a few days after the company decided to build five more fulfillment centres in India. »


It is far ahead of any other self-defence system because it doesn’t just prepare you for one-on-one combat but for battle. Photo: Shaju John

The fight for fitness

Jumping, stances, sequences and kicks... Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art form from Kerala has crossed borders with its thrust on strength, grace and healing »
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File photo of a Mumbai sub-urban train.

2 ticket collectors suspended for strip-searching woman passenger

A 65-year-old woman passenger was allegedly strip searched by two women ticket checkers (TC) after she erroneously entered the first class compartment of a suburban local while carrying a second c... »
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Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab: The Need for a Border States Group

The aim of the research report by Tridivesh Singh Maini is to examine the approach of the political leadership, as well as the business community, in three ‘border States’ towards India-Pakistan ties.This paper has sought to look at a number of factors, which include politics, economics as well as security issues.Read Article »

Actor Jamie Foxx will reportedly be transformed into Mike Tyson for a new biopic. Foxx, 46, would be transformed by the CGI technology that changed Brad Pitt from an old man to a baby in... »

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