1. Explained | Is the G-20 a success for global cooperation?: What are the issues, apart from the Ukraine war, on which there is consensus in the New Delhi declaration? Why is the summit important to India and the Global South? Suhasini Haidar writes in The Hindu FAQ.
  2. ASEAN | Southeast Asia’s source of stability: The 55-year-old grouping that has managed to strive on the principles of centrality, non-interference and economic progress now faces the pressures and lures of geopolitics as both China and the U.S. are trying to exert their influence in the region, writes Diksha Munjal in The Hindu Profiles.
  3. Sergei Surovikin | Fall of ‘Gen. Armageddon’: The former commander of Russian troops in Ukraine, who had close ties with Wagner, went missing for over two months after the private military’s mutiny, writes Stanly Johny in The Hindu Profiles.
  4. Finding Seoul in the Indo-Pacific: The outcome of the South Korea-Japan-U.S. trilateral meeting gives New Delhi and Seoul a unique opportunity to enhance their strategic partnership, writes Happymon Jacob.
  5. India, Bharat and a host of implications: The tradition of using India in English and Bharat in Hindi is wise and constitutionally correct, writes Vivek Katju.