1. Patriot system: Stanly Johny writes on America’s missile defence umbrella, and how the U.S. is deepening its involvement in the Ukraine war and is sending a strong message to Russia.
  2. Evaluating India’s Foreign Policy this year: Suhasini Haidar writes on the government’s response to the war in Ukraine and the stand-off with China on the Line of Actual Control.
  3. How Shakespeare entered Rajaji’s mind and stayed: Former diplomat, administrator and Governor Gopal Gandhi writes on the little candlelight of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets that kept Rajaji company throughout.
  4. Reshaping the world’s responses to the terror matrix: National security and defence expert M.K. Narayanan writes on the need for counter-terrorism agencies across the world to function in a more coordinated manner, exchanging both intelligence and tactics.
  5. In U.S. actions, the worry of global trade lawlessness: The WTO Panel reports are a pointer to the U.S. — the once undisputed trade hegemon — turning away from free trade and moving toward growing protectionism, writes legal scholar Prabhash Ranjan.