1. Why the world needs peace in Ukraine:The world cannot afford the continuation of this war, and India is in a unique position to help, writes Sashi Tharoor.
  2. In Sri Lanka, no quiet after the storm:In the days ahead, new confrontations, with consequences for newly gained democratic freedom, are likely to spring up, writes Jayadeva Uyangoda.
  3. The Ukraine war and the return to Euro-centrism:The political and military aftermath of the Ukraine conflict could set the stage for the return of a Euro-centric world order, writes Happymon Jacob.
  4. A lacklustre presidential race in the making:Democrats and Republicans have to brace themselves for soul searching and painful decision-making before 2024, writes Sridhar Krishnaswami.
  5. What will be the impact of euro-dollar parity?: How will the falling euro affect 19 countries in the Eurozone which use the currency? What lies ahead? Prashanth Perumal explains.