1. Domestic ideologies in external settings: India’s articulation of some areas of the current domestic agenda in the United Nations General Assembly raises several deeply troubling questions, writes former diplomat Vivek Katju.
  2. Is India in a bind over its relations with Russia?: Kallol Bhattacherjee speaks to experts Anuradha Chenoy and Ashok Kantha.
  3. The road ahead for Sheikh Hasina: While the country’s economic progress is promising, political processes merit more attention, Kallol Bhattacherjee writes.
  4. In China, fire without smoke: The recent rumour fest around a “coup in China” showed lack of context and the unwillingness of most Indian media houses to take foreign news coverage seriously, writes Ananth Krishnan.
  5. Fatalities among U.N. Peacekeeping Forces rising: Undersecretary-General Jean-Pierre Lacroix tells Suhasini Haidar. India is amongst the largest contributors to the UNPKF, and at 179, has the highest casualties of any nation in UN ops.