1. Playing the strategic autonomy game | India will need to keep in mind its long-term objectives even during the delicate balancing that it is doing today between the West and Russia. Ideally, India would like to have both on its side, but the balancing is becoming increasingly challenging, writes Happymon Jacob.
  2. Yes, a Ukraine peace plan is possible | Even if it does not fully meet the requirements of either Moscow or Kyiv, it will at least prevent a wider conflagration, writes M.K. Narayanan.
  3. Wagner Group: Russia’s shadowy private soldiers | The private security organisation that emerged in Ukraine in 2014 has grown into a military behemoth with presence across continents, writes Stanly Johny in The Hindu Profiles.
  4. Explaining Sri Lanka’s economic crisis | The current Sri Lankan economic crisis, then, is the product of the historical imbalances in the economic structure, the IMF’s loan-related conditionalities, misguided policies of authoritarian rulers and the official embrace of pseudo-science, writes R. Ramakumar.
  5. What is the status of India’s oil, defence purchases from Russia? | What is the status of oil purchases from Russia? How is India circumventing the sanctions route to ensure supplies are not stopped? What is in the pipeline? Dinakar Peri is answering these critical questions in The Hindu FAQ.