1. Russia’s continued defiance of international law | The list of Moscow’s barefaced violations of international law runs long, striking at the very foundations of the post-war international legal order, write Prabhash Ranjan and Aman Kumar.
  2. Reading the Chinese tea leaves | It is necessary to understand how politics will be shaped by the national congress and vice versa, writes Bhim Subba.
  3. Biden’s security strategy focuses on China, Russia | China and Russia are increasingly aligned with each other, but the challenges they pose are different, says the document, Sriram Lakshman reports from Washington.
  4. Urban poverty triples in Sri Lanka amid enduring economic crisis | As Sri Lankans continue braving their worst economic crisis since Independence, urban poverty on the island has tripled in the last year, from 5% to 15 %, according to the World Bank report, Meera Srinivasan reports from Colombo.
  5. Energy inflation in Europe peaks at 40% as Russia squeezes oil supply | Despite high dependence on Russian oil, supply to most European countries has taken a hit, Vignesh Radhakrishnan and Jasmin Nihalani explain with numbers in The Hindu Datapoint.