1. A deeper message | Unlike other south Asian democracies, Nepal’s elections were marked by the absence, largely, of calls for voting on religious/sectarian basis, and delivered results true to the country’s political diversity. Yet, a beleaguered Nepali citizenry that has waited for decades for democracy to unleash better developmental outcomes deserves change: it is now up to the parties to provide that – The Hindu Editorial.
  2. Syed Asim Munir | The spymaster-turned-Army chief – Stanly Johny profiles the Lieutenant-General, who, as ISI chief, fell out with then Prime Minister Imran Khan and has now been chosen as Pakistan’s next Chief of the Army Staff.
  3. Anwar Ibrahim | Rise of the reformer: Malaysia’s perennial opposition leader has traversed a tumultuous political journey to finally assume the post of Prime Minister, writes Diksha Munjal. His story is one of power, revolt, incarceration and comeback, The Hindu editorial said.  
  4. Sri Lanka crisis | Queues have disappeared, protests have waned, but has the economic crisis really receded in Sri Lanka? – Reportage from the island’s tea country, where Malaiyaha Tamils find daily life to be a battle for survival.
  5. Can poor countries afford to go green? | Prashanth Perumal J. speaks to experts Navroz Dubash and Tejal Kanitkar about the cost of going green.