1. The road to China’s 20th Party Congress: The Party Congress is significant as it is being held at a time when China sees the period as one of ‘great disorder’, writes M.K. Narayanan.
  2. Reinvigorating the Chabahar port:Why has interest in the Iran-based port suddenly spiked? How has the port construction progressed so far? Suhasini Haidar explains in The Hindu Text and Context
  3. Heading the G20 and New Delhi’s choices:With geopolitical currents redefining geo-economics, India needs to be ready to emerge as the chief global diplomat, writes Rajiv Bhatia.
  4. Strangling Tunisia’s democracy:Kais Saied is a populist zealot who promises El Dorado even as he leads his country into a quagmire, writes Talmiz Ahmad.
  5. The guru of Neo-Eurasianism:Alexander Dugin, the Russian political philosopher whose daughter was killed in a car bomb blast in Moscow recently, believes in an expansionary civilisational state, writes G. Sampath in The Hindu Profiles.