1. In this piece reflecting on the turmoil in our neighbourhood, The Hindu’s Diplomatic Affairs Editor Suhasini Haidar argues that the Modi government must learn lessons from the political culture that let down the “alpha leaders” in neighbouring democracies.
  2. India’s flip-flop on the export of wheat is an example of the Government lacking a coherent policy of food security, argue Madhura Swaminathan and Deepak Johnson in this piece.
  3. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine nearing three months, Sweden and Finland (SweFin), the two Nordic countries that have historically stayed out of military alliances, have formally applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). But Turkey, a NATO member for over half a century, is objecting. Why? Stanly Johny explains in this article.
  4. Commenting on Iran’s regional centrality and isolation, former Vice President Hamid Ansari observes that the U.S. has a tough choice between its strategic objectives in West Asia and the implications of Iran’s location in this opinion piece.
  5. Read this tribute to Australian cricketing star Andrew Symonds by Suresh Menon, who writes he was “a player of 60s vintage who showed us what 2020s might be like”.