1. Caught in a zero-COVID trap China’s strategy of lockdown and mass testing that made sense in a world without vaccines is now past its sell-by date. Ananth Krishnan reports on what the extreme measures and the expansion of state power have meant for the daily lives of residents.
  2. Geopolitics without geoeconomics, a fool’s errand India’s current policy of pursuing geopolitical ends without geoeconomic ballast is a regressive step, writes Happymon Jacob.
  3. For India, the buzzword now is ‘all-alignment’ Its participation in the SCO summit is a clear signal of pursuing multi-alignment with its partners worldwide, writes Suhasini Haidar.
  4. Will the future of the Commonwealth change? After Queen Elizabeth’s reign, will several nations go the Barbados way and shed ties with Britain’s monarchy? explains Narayan Lakshman.
  5. A disruptive nexus of China and Pakistan There is little doubt that China uses Pakistan as a proxy military and nuclear power against India, writes Sujan Chinoy.