1. Short or long stay, Brexit Britain’s challenges remain Rishi Sunak, a committed Brexiteer, will face turbulence as most of Britain’s economic headwinds are of Westminster’s own making, writes Priyanjali Malik
  2. Betting on change: an American dream There is chaos aplenty on the horizon as the West, particularly the U.S., imagines a new regime in Iran, Russia and China, writes Chinmaya R. Gharekhan
  3. The old but relevant script of the Cuban Missile crisis With the risks for escalation and miscalculations growing in the Ukraine war, it is time to revisit the sobering lessons of 1962, writes Rakesh Sood
  4. Old bird, new King The takeover of the social app, which has been struggling for years to revive growth amid worries about the spread of fake news and hate speech on its platform, by the world’s richest man, a free speech absolutist, has raised both hopes and concerns about its future, writes P.J. George in The Hindu Profiles.
  5. Explained | Is the world’s climate action plan on track? What will be the key points of debate during the COP27 summit in Egypt in November? Why are issues such as food security, energy and biodiversity on top of the agenda? What are world leaders expected to do? What will be India’s contribution at the summit? Explains Sumeda in The Hindu FAQ.