1. Yes, the Left is back in Latin America: Jorge Heine, a former Chilean Ambassador to India, writes that the new ‘pink tide’ in Latin America points to a different Left, as Gustavo Petro’s election in Colombia shows.
  2. From an urban guerrilla to the first leftist President in Bogota: Who is Gustavo Petro, the first leftist President of Colombia? Srinivasan Ramani takes a deep drive into the former urban guerrilla’s politics, ideology, economic programme and challenges.
  3. How will the Roe rollback impact women?: What are the implications of the U.S. Supreme court overturning a 1973 judgment on the right to abortion? Sudipta Datta explains in The Hindu FAQ.
  4. Pakistan’s economic muddling and the IMF challenge: The falling rupee, depleting foreign exchange reserves, energy shortage, increasing fuel prices and a complicated external support highlight the contemporary economic crisis Pakistan is in. Will Islamabad find a way out? Suba Chandran writes.
  5. A marooned Macron: What are the implications of President Macron losing the majority in the National Assembly? Who is his main Opposition? G Sampath writes