1. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi | The General with an iron grip: India’s Republic Day Parade Chief Guest, who came to power in Egypt in 2013 through a coup, is trying to build a careful balance between the West and the East, while keeping the country under his tight control, Suhasini Haidar writes in The Hindu Profiles.
  2. Contesting the hegemony of the dollar: New supply chains and alternate currency chains are enabling dual/multiple circulation systems, writes Anuradha Chenoy.
  3. Hindenburg Research | With an eye for fraud: The short seller at the centre of the storm over its report on the Adani Group’s corporate practices is a small firm ‘specialising in forensic financial research’, writes Suresh Seshadri in The Hindu Profiles.
  4. Why is Japan planning to flush Fukushima wastewater into the ocean?: Japan plans to start flushing 1.2 million tonnes of water from the embattled nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean from this year. Vasudevan Mukunth explains in The Hindu Text and Context.
  5. India’s timely help ensured Sri Lanka’s economic survival during crisis: Sri Lankan envoy Moragoda tells The Hindu in an interview External Affairs Minister Jaishankar’s visit to Colombo last week has opened a new chapter in India-Sri Lanka ties.