1. Stanly Johny writes on the geopolitics of the latest Taiwan Strait crisis, and why if China loses Taiwan for good, Beijing’s attempts to establish regional hegemony will be dealt a blow.
  2. Yu-Jie Chen, in this interview, shares a perspective from Taiwan on how it is navigating China-U.S. tensions and views the future of cross-strait relations.
  3. Suhasini Haidar travelled to Indonesia and interviewed President Joko Widodo. As his second term draws to a close in 2024, Haidar explains how he is seeking new ideas to burnish his legacy.
  4. Meera Srinivasan explains why last week’s visit of a Chinese vessel to Sri Lanka became so controversial.
  5. Faced with Income Tax raids, exclusion from 5G telecom trials in India, and increasing restrictions on research collaborations, Chinese telecom major Huawei is downsizing operations in India, in a reflection of how the current tensions have impacted broader relations between India and China.