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The Hindu @140

The Hindu's 140-year journey

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.
The Hindu @140

Rajnath Singh and Rahul Gandhi congratulate The Hindu

Inzamam ul Haq being run out by Jhonty Rhodes watched by Captain Imran Khan.
The Hindu @140

The Hindu @ 140: Sports and journalism over the years

Suresh Menon
Illustration by Keshav
The Hindu @140

The Hindu @ 140: A significant role in fostering the fine arts

Gowri Ramnarayan
Cricket fans throng to the forecourt of The Hindu in Madras to watch on the score-board erected as a match progresses.
The Hindu @140

The Hindu @ 140: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Sriram V.
The first available masthead from 1881.
The Hindu @140

The Hindu at 140: our many firsts

The Hindu has been adapting to changing times, facing and overcoming a multitude of challenges, earning the trust and affection of millions of people across the country, and flourishing.
The Hindu @140

The Hindu @ 140: 140 years and counting

N. Ram
The printing press at The Hindu office in Chennai in 1957.

The Hindu @ 140: An office for the reader

A.S. Panneerselvan