Cricket fans throng to the forecourt of The Hindu in Madras to watch on the score-board erected as a match progresses.

The Hindu: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Sriram V.
The Hindu has been adapting to changing times, facing and overcoming a multitude of challenges, earning the trust and affection of millions of people across the country, and flourishing.
The Hindu @140

The Hindu: 140 years and counting

N. Ram
The printing press at The Hindu office in Chennai in 1957.

An office for the reader

A.S. Panneerselvan
Illustration by Keshav
The Hindu @140

A significant role in fostering the fine arts

Gowri Ramnarayan

First Impressions

From the first photograph that was published in The Hindu in 1879 to the first news page that rolled out in colour in 1999, this visual essay captures some milestones in the newspaper's history