Sidestream Villain

Tiny Nair
beautiful panorama of Himalayan mountains at sunset, Pokhara, Nepal
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The world’s most beautiful mountain?

Baljit Singh
Writing in notebook. Close-up.
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Turning the page again

Viney Kirpal

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Basket with ripe organic vegetables carrot beetroot and zucchini
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From farm to plate

Ashok Balakrishna
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Touch wood

Aakash Bajpai
Elderly spouses sitting on couch at home planning budget check bills cheques, computer, documents and calculator on coffee table, close up cropped concept image, couple manage family expenses concept
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Stranded in the digital world

Jayam Anantharaman
Father's mother's and baby's hand
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The question of trust

Vivek Row
The TDC-12, India’s first digital computer.
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The first big byte

C.D. MurthyS. Thiagarajan

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