December 22, 2014

Know your English — Calling it a day and child's play

“You’re back early. I didn’t expect to see you here at this time of day.” “Our team has been working round the clock the past couple of days. My boss suggested that we call it a day at n... »
December 8, 2014

Know your English — It is ‘time immemorial’ and not ‘times immemorial’'

“Did you read about the ancient ruins they discovered in China?”“Yes, I read about it. Didn’t find the piece of news very interesting, though. I mean who wants to read about something that h... »
November 24, 2014

Know your English — 25-11-14

“Where are you going so early in the morning?”“To the station. My friend Chetan is coming from Delhi. Need to pick him up.”“Chetan? Oh, I remember him! He’s the guy who fought with hi... »
November 11, 2014

Know your English

“Is it true that you’re going to run in tomorrow’s marathon?” “You know that I am! I told you over a month ago that I was going to run.” “I thought you were only joking. Do you t... »
October 27, 2014

Know your English — October 28, 2014

“You look really busy. I’ll come back later.” “No, no! Come on in! I could really use a break.” “Are all these files related to the project that you and your boss are working on?... »
December 15, 2014

Know your English — How is the word ‘gravitas’ pronounced?

What is the meaning of ‘monger’ in ‘scaremonger’? (K. Vikram, Madurai) ‘Monger’, a rather old-fashioned word, is seldom used on its own nowadays. It was originally used to... »
December 1, 2014

Know your English - 2.12.2014

What is the meaning and origin of ‘watershed moment’? (K Kavya, Hyderabad) We know what ‘water’ is; the word ‘shed’ was used in the past to mean ‘partition’ or ‘sep... »
November 17, 2014

Know your English — November 18, 2014

What is the meaning and origin of ‘a bone to pick with someone’? (AK Arunachalam, Kancheepuram)This idiom has been around for over 400 years and it is mostly used in informal contexts... »
November 3, 2014

Know Your English - Thorough and thoroughfare

What is the meaning of ‘thorough’ in ‘no thoroughfare’? (Ramesh, Vizag) The word ‘thoroughfare’ is used to refer to a road/street that the public can use to get from one place to a... »

Last Sunday, a friend left a message for me on Facebook. “Professor Mushirul Hasan was injured in a road accident. He is critical.” I said a quick prayer for his life and health. As news came in, f... »

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