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A way to stand out: Would be by going the classical route Photo: Murali Kumar K.
September 22, 2014

Tugging at some heart strings

The classical guitar is timeless has hardly changed over decades of musical evolution. The six-string instrument is making waves with a revival. Even though it has European art music (western class... »
Bangalore, September 19, 2014

Mixing styles

Disregard all the news reports – when it comes to the world of music, Australians love India. Melbourne-based reggae musician Jake Savona, better known as Mista Savona, has previously incorporated... »
HE HOLDS THE STRINGS Ögmundur Thor Jóhannesson
Bangalore, September 16, 2014

Music and a helping hand

There are two things that fascinate Icelandic classical guitarist Ögmundur Thor Jóhannesson about India – its rich cultural background and its ability to adapt to changing times. Here in the city f... »
QUANTITY NEED NOT BE LINKED WITH QUALITY: A huge number of plays are being performed Photo: Murali Kumar K.
Bangalore, September 19, 2014

Stage matters

Bangalore has a long theatre tradition. Theatre festivals, venues such as Ranga Shankara and Jagriti Theatre, new writing, well-established theatre groups such as Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT), a... »
WE MAKE WAR TO MAKE PEACE The 1st Madras Pioneers War Memorial at Brigade Road Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash
Bangalore, September 19, 2014
Hidden Histories

A chapter from the war

Being brought up in the city, it’s easy to miss a lot of things that we take for granted around us. So whenever I pass by the busy Brigade Road Junction, all I usually do is frown at the traffic s... »

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