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Young illusionist 'Amazing' David's first major show was for the Royal Family of Bhutan. Photo: Special Arrangement

Casting a spell

What leads youngsters from around the country to take up magic as a career? »
The Finisher by David Baldacci

Bewitching mystery

David Baldacci’s first YA novel is a magical tale of a girl on a quest. »
Ride this: Check my wheels. Photo: S. Gopakumar MY SPACE

Pedalling along

Cycling is one of the best means of transport. Not only is it healthy for you, it’s also eco-friendly. »
August 17, 2014

Good Grief

I am a 16-year-old girl. I am addicted to a virtual game and have even started making some friends via the game. The game is even affecting my thinking process. All this is affecting my s... »
July 20, 2014

Good Grief

I like a girl and she likes me too. We are both 14 years old. Can we start a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship? Genuine Question I’m flattered that you’re asking f... »
July 20, 2014

A tale of two families

Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth revolves around two families of contrasting stature at the small town of Ambalakunnu, Kerala. Madhavan Nair runs a successful business in the small town, owning a... »
Syed Sabir Pasha
July 6, 2014
think tank

India and the rest of the world

Football is a very popular game, and the World Cup more so. It’s great to see the following for the sport in India. Every country likes to be No.1 in the world. The football fans in India want the... »
June 29, 2014

Good Grief

I am a 20-year-old girl. My close friend is a 19-year-old boy who shares everything with me. But nowadays he talks more about his mood and his masturbation which makes me uncomfortable. Should I... »
Testing times: Dealing with admission procedures can be a headache. Photo: Meeta Ahlawat
June 29, 2014
NXG: My Space

Admission woes

May and June are the cruellest months for college admission seekers. Not only do they have to deal with the disappointing Board exam results, unbelievably high cut-off’s, application procedures, co... »
College life: Can be a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs. Photo: V.V. Krishnan
June 29, 2014

The wonder years

The phase post-school to end-of-college begins slowly and gently, and is full of learning, almost always ends in independence, ambition, desire and a fierce fire that urges one to break out of comf... »
Let it rain: What a relief! Photo: Praveen Kumar
August 17, 2014

Let it rain

Some say that rains are the tears of angels. The more practical know that it is condensed water vapour. Be it the work of celestial beings or the whims of Mother Nature, Chennaiites — after being... »
Kavi Priya, Founder of Adding Smiles. Photo: Special Arrangement
July 20, 2014

Smiling all the way

What if one day, out of the blue, you decide that you want to make manufacturing smiles your business? What if you actually make a living by manufacturing smiles, and earn profits out of it? In an... »
Cheering the FIFA World Cup: But Where are our teams? Photo : V. Sreenivasa Murthy
July 6, 2014

Lost in the din

Promotion is the key Clearly, FIFA’s a lot of fun- there’s so much colour t in the game! It is completely action-packed. Also, the premier leagues play an important role as some of... »
Let's hang out: Time of our lives. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
July 6, 2014
my space

End or beginning?

We have become super seniors. On the first day of the final year in college, I felt like a new student, but I had goofed around for two years. It was filled with a lot of enthusiasm and too many e... »
Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin
June 29, 2014
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Like father, like son

Darkus Knightley is an unusual 13-year-old. He is an extremely astute detective, and inherently logical, with a penchant for tweed. Much of this was inspired by his dad, Alan Knightley, who had be... »
Don't judge: What's wrong in enhancing our looks? Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy
June 29, 2014
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Pretty in make-up

“She has painted her face with so much make-up.” “And did you see that actress? Beautiful? You should see her without make-up.” These are some of the most clichéd lines you hear from... »

Devaraja Mudali Street in George Town packs in a vast variety of merchandise, and some unusual history to boot »



Enter the niche world of Chennai’s hyper-car owners »

Here are some summer cocktails you can try at home »

Young designers Bharat Gandhi and Kalimishetty Sridevi, who recently showcased their maiden collection look to provide clients with classy, understated elegance »