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The hippie capitalist

Hidesign founder Dilip Kapur tells Shonali Muthalaly what it took him to create an International brand »
From birthday celebrations to party favours, everything can be professionally arranged by event managers in Tiruchi these days. Photo: Special Arrangement

Party, the pro way

When it comes to celebrating, the city is slowly learning to sit back, call the pros and serve up some fun »
Appu Bhattathiri Cityzen

Of politicians, tummies, Oscars and attitudes

Kannan Hareendrakumar Mechanical Engineer, 25 What is your most prized possession? My wife, since I am newly married. I... »
DAILY DOSE OF HEALTH The Monsoon Tea Riders

Cycling and that glass of tea

Monsoon Tea Riders, a bicycling group, explores the city as it wakes up every morning »
FOR SCOTSMEN St. Andrews Kirk Photo: K.V. Srinivasan Hidden histories

The Scots who built Madras

The Scottish referendum is in the news and by the time this article is published we will know if Scotland is part of the United Kingdom or has declared independence. Whatever happens, it cannot be... »
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Changing with the ages A view of Mankuttathil. Photo: K.K. Mustafah

A mosaic of memories and designs

Looking at the light blue house set towards a corner of a large compound opposite Lakshmi Hospital on Diwans Road, one would be hard pressed to tell that 60 years ago, this structure was nothing mo... »
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Manju Shete (left) and Sujata Thorat

Designs for life

By taking inspiration from gypsies, gamcha weavers and rural craftspeople who are the real custodians of age-old handicraft traditions, a few designers at Srishti 2014 in Coimbatore have also breathed... »
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QUANTITY NEED NOT BE LINKED WITH QUALITY: A huge number of plays are being performed Photo: Murali Kumar K.

Stage matters

As Bangalore is becoming a booming metropolis, is there a lot more theatre happening in the city? Theatre practitioners have their say »
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Pritha Sen and her dishes served at the recently Goalondo Steamer food festival in Gurgaon Food spot

Gaining steam, moving ahead

We live in interesting times. If you are a good cook and want to showcase your food, you don’t have to run or own a restaurant or a catering service. You can do a pop up – which is an excellent way... »
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Bala Kala Vidhanam founder Vrinda J. Ramanan (seen with some of her students) feels Bharatanatyam should be made more accessible to the younger generation. Photo: RM Rajarathinam

The pursuit of Bharatanatyam

Reputable teachers and schools in the classical dance form have been flourishing in Tiruchi, though opinion remains divided on what makes for the right type of education »
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Devaraja Mudali Street in George Town packs in a vast variety of merchandise, and some unusual history to boot »

The moment your foot touches the accelerator it goes from 0 to 100 in less than 8 seconds »

Incorporate greens into your diet with these recipes »

Designer Gaurang Shah, known for his exquisitely woven saris, opens a store in the city »