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MPTF 2014

When the curtains go up

The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest will host three edgy and riveting plays by some of the best theatre groups »
The faithful offering prayers in front of the Palayam mosque in Thiruvananthapuram Photo: S. Gopakumar

A time to fast and a time to pray

The MetroPlus team visits Palayam Juma Masjid, Ganapathi temple, and St. Joseph’s Cathedral to capture the many shades of devotion »
The Grand Budapest Hotel

For some arsenic and old lace

Wes Anderson’s latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is a multi-layered confectionary waiting to be savoured »
Telling tales Anjum Hasan

Sophie Das’s choice

Bangalore author Anjum Hasan gives a personal touch to her debut novel Lunatic In My Head »
Stalkers, enemies, and thieves can abuse personal data to stalk, blackmail and steal people’s identities.

Look who’s got your number

Emails, contact names, personal files and intimate selfies…In this age of smart phones and social networking Shonali Muthalaly talks to experts about how vulnerable our private lives are »
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A. Mathivanan.

I am… A. Mathivanan, Electrician and plumber

I know I am flirting with danger but the fact that I bring light to homes drives me further. I am fearless in character and relentless in approach right from childhood. After higher secondary stud... »
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Virtual Mechanic

Q. I’d booked a Skoda Rapid AT this May , due for delivery by June-end. Now I’ve been informed by a representative from Skoda India that no AT vehicles are in production, and to expect th... »
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The Hindu presents the all-new Young World

A trip through Brazil, soaking in the World Cup fever, the grandeur of the palaces and the patios, the taste of the food and the warmth on the street »

It was many years ago that I met several times an enlightened manager of the State Bank of India who worked out of that building that burst into flames the other day. She was passionate about the... »

Some light delectable recipes, ideal to serve at teatime »

Manish Malhotra on the idea behind ‘Portraits’ and why he loves the new young energy in the fashion industry »