Kottakkal Sivaraman on stage

Kottakkal Sivaraman redefined the female role in Kathakali

Achuthan T K
A still from ‘Junk Clown’

The need to recycle forms the core of this Korean non-verbal play

Gowri S
Illustration: R. Rajesh

personality Girish Karnad — a life at play

Sudhanva Deshpande
Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar

The need to save the oldest Sanskrit theatre

Achuthan T.K.
Blending Bundelkhandi art forms: A scene from “Saadhu Aur Sundari”

Celebration of theatre

Diwan Singh Bajeli
Evoking nostalgia: Danish Iqbal

Know your Ghalib from Danish Iqbal

Familiar concerns: A scene from the engrossing play

K.S. Rajendran’s ‘Ghosts’ explores human relations

Diwan Singh Bajeli

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