Different fare Sabrina Arusam’s puppets; Stills from the play Elephant in the Room and Catch That Crocodile

The Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival packs a wholesome theatre treat

Neeraja Murthy

The Ramayana meets Opera in Crea-Shakthi’s latest production

Gowri S

Acting is a way of life for Mita Vashisht

Deepa Gahlot

Last Page Collective is a platform for youth to creatively express themselves

Sravasti Datta 
Conveying his struggle: A scene from Sir Iqbal

Of Habba Khatoon and Sir Iqbal

Diwan Singh Bajeli
Single minded devotion: A scene from the play “Meera”

Dancing with the deity

Diwan Singh Bajeli

Is there a future for co-existence?


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