1. The great temple revival
  2. Kashmir: Amarnath shrine will soon be more accessible
  3. Odisha: Jagannath Temple’s heritage corridor set to be inaugurated
  4. Bihar: Viraat Ramayan Temple will be reminiscent of Angkor Wat
  5. Assam: Batadrava satra to turn into a tourist attraction
  6. Telangana: Narasimha Swamy temple gets a makeover with a little help from a movie set designer
  7. West Bengal: Kalighat temple to be restored by the Reliance Foundation
  8. Haryana: Kurukshetra to be turned into a spiritual hub
  9. Rajasthan: Govind Dev and Beneshwar Dham temples to be developed on a grand scale
  10. Chhattisgarh: part of the Mata Kaushalya Mandir will resemble the upcoming Ram Mandir in Ayodhya
  11. Himachal Pradesh: Bilaspur’s submerged temples to be revived
  12. Karnataka: scores of temples restored through PPP
  13. Uttar Pradesh: Madhava temples to be restored
  14. Kerala: the Thirunelli temple is being renovated