In step with the times (Clockwise from far left) In full koothu costume; the Jogappas sing; the traditional dance of the Todas; Thudumbattam gets everyone grooving; an Odissi recital; Mohiniattam by Vidya Pradeep and team; a Carnatic performance by Sangeetha Sivakumar and group

Liberty, equality, fraternity and fun: A round up of Svanubhava 2020 at Anaikatti

R Krithika
From the Tamil play ‘Dharaniyin Perumai’

A play on Nani Palkhivala

Kumaresh Ramakrishnan

For an inclusive stage

Neeraja Murthy

Those hilarious in-laws

Sravasti Datta 
Disturbing details: A scene from “Uble Daane Toast Par”

Navigating the concrete jungle

Diwan Singh Bajeli
Younger Nagarathnamma (Deepti Srinatha) with musicians

Bengaluru Nagarathnamma: An extraordinary woman

V.R. Devika
Layered narrative: A scene from “Daughters Opera”

“Daughters Opera”: Staging feminist solidarities

Shrinkhla Sahai

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