Parts of the molecules attracted to or repulsed from water, shown in purple and blue respectively, orient and guide the molecules to form a nanostructure. Credits: Peter Allen

Best from science journals: Nanofibers stronger than steel

Shuvabrata Garai
The molecular biodiversity research division lab at the Government Arts College in Udhagamandalam.

Laboratory comes up with technique to identify wildlife species from DNA

Rohan Premkumar​
A monarch butterfly is seen at El Rosario sanctuary for monarch butterflies in the western state of Michoacan, near Ocampo, Mexico February 3, 2020.

Question Corner: How do butterflies fly with such small bodies and large wings?

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Leading the way: At 1.82 lakh vaccinations as on January 22, Karnataka has the most number in the country, followed by Andhra Pradesh (1.27 lakh) and Odisha (1.21 lakh).

CoWIN glitches also responsible for low vaccine uptake

R. Prasad
Impact: Frequent flash droughts can have deleterious effects on crop production in India.

More flash droughts in India by end of century

Aswathi Pacha
Number one: The Sind krait (seen in the picture) has been identified as the snake with the most potent venom in India.

Lookalike snakes but with self-styled venoms

Shubashree Desikan

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