As it happened | Parliament proceedings: Modi pitches for corporate investment in agriculture

The Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha are both discussing the motion of thanks to the President’s address at the joint session of the Parliament.

The Rajya Sabha began its day with an obituary reference to sitting Member Madanlal Saini.

Here are the updates:

Upper House adjourned for the day.

Rajya Sabha | 7:25 pm

Issue of manual scavenging is raised

The issue of manual scavenging and deaths of seven persons while cleaning a hotel’s sewer in Gujarat finds a mention in Rajya Sabha, with D Raja of the CPI pointing out Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not uttered a word on the deaths in his home-state so far.

“Seven people were killed in Gujarat while cleaning a sewer, that is our Prime Minister’s state, what a shame the Prime Minister he has not uttered a word so far,” he says.

Rajya Sabha | 7:00 p.m.

Social media firms favoured BJP says Derek O’Brien

"These days with media in hand, it is easy to manufacture great men. Dr B R Ambedkar said this. He saw this problem coming long years ago. We appeal to media owners that you have role to play to save democracy. We appeal to the journalists to bring back the days of Editors, the 60’s 70’s," says Trinamool  Congress member Derek O’Brien in Rajya Sabha.

He calls for State funding for the political parties to provide level playing field to all contestants during the elections.

Earlier, Digvijay Singh of Congress said: "You have injected venom of communalism into the people of this country. Slogans of Jai Shree Ram and Allah Ho Akbar are being raised in Parliament. This is not the tradition of Parliament.”

Rajya Sabha | 6.15 p.m.

In Rajya Sabha, discussion on Motion to thanks the Presiden't address continues. BJP member GVL Narasimha Rao, during his speech, took references of Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi. Congress members object to it.

They raise slogans. You may difference of opinion, but the contribution of former Prime Ministers cannot be undermined, says Ghulam Nabi Azad.

The Chair says, Mr. Rao's remarks will be expunged, if it is found unparliamentary.  Mr. Rao responds. He says he withdraws his statement.

Vijila Sathyananth (AIADMK) speaks.

Lok Sabha | 6.15 p.m.

The Motion goes for voting. All amendments moved by Opposition are negated. The motion is adopted.

House is adjourned.

Lok Sabha | 6.10 p.m.

When Lal Bahadur Shastri appealed people to give up one square meal for the sake of country, people we ready. When I pleaded to give up LPG subsidy, people gave up. People are ready to do anything for the country.

With that he ends the speech.

Lok Sabha | 6.10 p.m.

Prime Minister Modi now speaks on Triple Talaq Bill. Congress had many opportunities. But they didn't utilise it, he says.

It failed to bring Uniform Civil Code or protect Muslim women when Supreme Court gave an opportunity through Shah Bano case. They failed to utilise it again.

We are giving another opportunity now, Mr. Modi says referring to the Triple Talaq Bill. Mr Modi reads a quote purportedly said by a Congress minister, Opposition asks for proof. "I'll send you Youtube link," he says.

Lok Sabha | 6.00 p.m.

We had 13 factories to make defence equipments at the time of Independence. There were no such facilities in China then. Today China is exporting and we are importing defence equipments. This is why Make in India is necessary, Mr. Modi says.

Lok Sabha decides to sit till the Prime Minister concludes his speech.

We have a long way to go in skill development. The President also spoke of modernisation. He asks the States also to come forward and use technology.

This is not Emergency. We don't put anyone in jail. The courts will decide, Mr. Modi says and adds the government will continue its fight against corruption.


Lok Sabha | 5.50 p.m.

Rise above politics to conserve water: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says Sardar Sarovar Dam project was started in 1967. Costs kept escalating, but our government completed it. Today, more than four lakh people are benefitted.

We have to raise above politics to save water. Water crisis affects two people most — poor and women. Ram Manohar Lohia used to say the biggest problem of women were access to toilet and water. "We have made his dream come true," he says.

Micro irrigation can be used in sugarcane growing. It will save water. We have to come out of old practices.

Mr. Modi says there is no involvement of corporate world in agriculture. They must invest in cold storage, silos etc.

Lok Sabha | 5.40 p.m.

The President, in his speech, spoke about 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 75th anniversary of Independence. We would like to use these dates to unite the country, Mr. Modi says.

Gandhiji made every man to be part of the India's Independence movement. We will have to celebrate the key dates to eradicate country's backwardness like how we fought for Independence in 1942, Mr. Modi says.

"Our government is just three-weeks old. Within three weeks, we made landmark decisions such as pension for farmers, expanded PM Kisan, scholarship for children of Police, all-party meetings," he says.

Lok Sabha | 5.30 p.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi now targets the Opposition. Referring to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury's speech, he says he doesn't want to scale heights but to reach to the roots.

He dares the Opposition to mention the number of times Vajpayee or Narsimha Rao were praised during UPA rule. I am probably the only PM to have said every government played a role in developing the country, he says.

Mr. Modi says the party (Congress) doesn't recognise anyone other than the family.  Let's not trivialise debates, he says. "Today is June 25," Mr. Modi says, and BJP members thump the benches. Today marks the 44th anniversary of Emergency.

Mr. Modi remembers the Emergency.  The Emergency was imposed so that someone's government doesn't falls, he said. We remember Emergency not to undermine someone, but to remember the importance of democracy. 

Lok Sabha | 5.20 p.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalls his first speech in 2014 where he said his government will be pro-poor.  Every leader cared about the poor. For the past five years, I always felt the government should be there for those who don't have anyone to take care of them.

Mr. Modi says Pratap Sarangi and Heena Gavit have already said what he had to say.

It's difficult to end diseases that were prevailing for 70 years, in five years. But we have curtailed them, he says.

We ensured poverty alleviation and modernisation go hand-in-hand, he says.

Lok Sabha | 5.10 p.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi rises to speak. BJP members chant "Modi! Modi!," he signals them to stop.

The President's address visions a new India. It is also the dream of crores of people, the Prime Minister says.  As many as 70 members took part in the debate. Mr. Modi appreciates the first time MPs who took part in the debate.

Mr. Modi lauds the Speaker for running the House well.

After decades, the country has reelected a majority government. It is a proud moment for every Indian for delivering a decisive mandate, he says.

I was new in the House in 2014, new to many people too. So people thought of giving me a chance. But in 2019, people have brought us back after carefully scrutinising every work of this government, he says.  As a person there is no bigger happiness for me, Mr. Modi says.

Rajya Sabha | 5:05 pm

Amee Yagnik (Congress) says the spirit of National Anthem is not kept by this government.

Muthukaruppan (AIADMK) welcomes cattle protection scheme and Jal Shakti Ministry. He says the Centre must ensure Karnataka releases Tamil Nadu's share of water at the earliest.

Lok Sabha | 5.00 p.m.

N.K.Premachandran speaks in Lok Sabha.

N.K.Premachandran speaks in Lok Sabha.   | Photo Credit: LSTV


N.K. Premachandran has moved as many as 40 amendments to the President's address. Mr. Premachandran says the address only spoke on so-called achievements of Modi 1.0 government and has nothing about future, he claims.

The President's address states the building for modern India began in 2014. Are you not considering the contribution of Vajpayee also, he asks.  Mr. Premachandran's speech is also cut short.

Former Minister Jayant Sinha highlights the road development projects taken up by government in Naxal hit areas. Mr. Sinha mentions Ghulam Nabi Azad's name, who is not a member of the House. No Point of Order raised. The Speaker doesn't stop him.

Lok Sabha | 4.45 p.m.

Prajwal Ravanna of the JD (S) from Hassan, Karnataka

He speaks on the water crisis in Karnataka, the farmer deaths, farmers in Mandya are badly off. "We request all the members of the house to take this issue seriously and not make this political," he says. "Let's not play dirty politics by saying that Karnataka is the most corrupt."

Meenakshi Lekhi (BJP) says Prime Minsiter taught people to dream more, do more. That's why he is a world leader, she says. Her speech is cut short and Speaker allows N.K. Premachandran to speak.

Rajya Sabha | 4:25 pm

D. Raja (CPI) says BJP's new India is imposing illiberal, monolithic, socio-political order. Mr. Raja quotes Frontline interview, wonders if India will become an authoritarian fascist state or remain a democratic republic. Attacks on Dalits have increased manifold. Still around two lakh women are cleaning human excreta manually, he says.

The Chair asks Mr. Raja to end his speech. Opposition members support Mr. Raja. They are ready to sit extra hours. Treasury Members say the Prime Minister is travelling tomorrow, so he will address the House today.

In a rare departure, the House is functioning despite the passing of a sitting member, Anand Sharma observes.

Members suggest the debate can be continued in the morning tomorrow. Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi says such decisions are being taken at Business Advisory Committee. Mr. Sharma says Parliamentary Affairs Minister or the Leader of the House must respond.

Taawar Chand Gehlot says he will discuss with Opposition members.

Mr. Raja continues to speak.

Lok Sabha | 4.10 p.m.

Thirumavalavan (VCK) says the government should implement ambitious President's address. He however opposes simultaneous polls. He says this proposal may have an hidden agenda to bring Presidential form of government. This is totally against Constitution and people, he says.

Mr. Thirumavalavan says the address doesn't mention any scheme on upliftment of Scheduled Castes. There is no safety and security to women and minorities, he says.

Rajya Sabha | 4.00 p.m.

P.L. Punia (Congress) says despite Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, manual scavenging hasn't be eradicated.  Long pending demands such as Indian Judicial Services, and reservation in judiciary and private sector have not been attended to.

Lok Sabha | 4.00 p.m.

Arunachal Pradesh MP Tapir Gao (BJP) speaks in Hindi. He says he wants to make an attempt to speak in Hindi and asks MPs to cooperate. His fellow MPs help him out when he searches for words.

It used to take hours for me to reach Dibrugarh. Today I reach in eight minutes, the Arunachal East MP says.

As Badruddin Ajmal (AIDUF) speaks, BJP members shout Jai Shri Ram!. "I am three-time MP. I won't yield," he says. Mr. Ajmal reminds BJP members that several of erstwhile MPs were denied tickets. "I hope the party doesn't give tickets to people who are behind mob lynching," he says. He also says triple talaq bill must be withdrawn.

Rama Devi is in the Chair.

Rajya Sabha | 3.45 p.m.

Majeed Memon (NCP) recalls Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to NDA parliamentarians, where he spoke about giving confidence to minorities. When a Muslim youth is thrashed and lynched, how will Muslims have faith in this government, he asks.

Mansukh Mandviya, MoS, Shipping says 15 rivers in Gujarat have been linked. Dry districts such as Kutch and Saurashtra are getting water now. "This is Gujarat model," he says.

Lok Sabha | 3.45 p.m.

Ritesh Pandey (BSP) opposes the Motion. He says unemployment has reached its peak. People with PhD degrees are applying for petty jobs, he says.

In the name of cow protection, minorities are being attacked. All of them who support cow protection must find out what their wallets, purse, belts, shows and bags are made of, he says.

Former Union Minister Agatha Sangma (NPF) quoting a meteorological survey says half the country is facing water crisis. State governments should also come up with water policy. Meghalaya will be the first State to come up with such a policy, she says.

Rajya Sabha | 3.40 p.m.

Sanjay Raut (Shiv Sena) says special status of Jammu and Kashmir must be reconsidered. We need Gandhiji and Savarkar, he says.

Lok Sabha | 3.30 p.m.

S.P. Singh Baghel (BJP) says only a person like Prime Minister Narendra Modi who comes from humble background can think of poor people.

Mr. Baghel recalls days when MPs had quota to grant gas connection. But today every household has gas connection, he says.

Rajya Sabha | 3.20 p.m.

Without naming West Bengal, Swapan Dasgupta (Nominated) says elections were held in seven phases with 700 companies of paramilitary forces. Mr. Dasgupta says many people responded "Please, see if we can vote." These are the loose ends in democracy we fail to recognise while speaking on aggregation.

Mr. Dasgupta speaks on political violence and killings in West Bengal. This travesty of democracy must be attended, he says.

Lok Sabha | 3.00 p.m.

Preneet Kaur (Congress) says Punjab government has given some relief to farmers. She urges the government to give one time debt waiver.  She also raises the issue of government debt.

Hassnain Masoodi of National Conference speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

Hassnain Masoodi of National Conference speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: LSTV


Hassnain Masoodi (J&K NC) says the Jammu and Kashmir is not able to have an elected government.  A fax machine prevented the State from having a government, he says. (When the NC, PDP and Congress joined hands to form the government, the Governor Office said they couldn't get the message due to faulting faxing machine.) Lok Sabha and local body polls were conducted but Assembly elections are not being conducted, he says.

Rajendra Agarwal is in the Chair.

Rajya Sabha | 2.50 p.m.

Keshav Rao (TRS) says all economic indicators point out to slowdown. Electoral reforms needed now is checking money, muscle, and media, and not simultaneous polls, Mr. Rao says.

Mr. Rao says Telangana has built Kaleshwaram project, world's largest dam, without a single paise from the Central government.

Rajya Sabha | 2.40 p.m.

Derek O'Brein (Trinamool) says four out of 10 children are malnourished. He says the women's reservation Bill is pending for years now. Centre is contributing only to 28 schemes. The Centre reduced it's percentage in more than 50 schemes. Where is federalism? he asks. Mr. O'Brein now speaks in Bangla.

Facebook's Delhi office is virtually a BJP IT Cell, Derek O'Brein says. He quotes Home Minister Amit Shah's 2018 speech to highlight the Whatsapp groups run by the BJP.

Mr. O'Brein says a collegium should appoint the Chief Election Commissioner.  Forty five years ago, today was the darkest day of India. We will not another Super Emergency, he says ending his speech.

Lok Sabha | 2.50 p.m.

Former Union Minister Anupriya Patel (Apna Dal) says the biggest achievement of the government was the surgical strike and Balakot air strikes.

Ms. Patel says despite reservation, the SC, ST and OBCs are not adequately represented in the executive and hence seeks a special recruitment drive.

Lok Sabha | 2.30 p.m.

KC(M) member C. Thomas speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

KC(M) member C. Thomas speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.  


C. Thomas, Kerala Congress (M), opposes the Motion. GST and demonetisation were utter failure. When poor farmers are threatened by banks, Nirav Modis and Vijay Mallays are in foreign soils, he says.

Mr. Thomas speaks about the plight of rubber plantation farmers. He claims these farmers were deserted by both the Centre and Kerala government. 

Mr. Thomas also raises the resignation of RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya. Many renowned economists couldn't work under the government because of the poor economic policy.

Rajdeep Roy, Silchar MP of BJP, says his grandfather was a freedom fighter. He says there are many fears being spread on Citizenship Amendment Bill. He claims the Bill will correct the mistakes made during Partition. He also says the Bill will protect the indigenous people of the North East.

Lok Sabha | 2.20 p.m.

Prataprao Jadhav (Shiv Sena) is the next Speaker. We are spending thousands of crores of money on drought welfare. The new Jal Shakti ministry should consider river linking and find ways to utilise excess river water draining into the sea. Mr. Jadhav says river linking could help Vidarbha.

Mr. Jadhav talks of population explosion of "a certain community."

Rajya Sabha | 2:10 pm

Rajya Sabha reassembles. Deputy Chairperson Harivansh is in the Chair. Motion to thank President's address is being taken up.

Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (BJP) speaks. He tears into Ghulam Nabi Azad's speech. He says Hindus and Dalits are not different but one. Listing out riots and violence during Congress government's time, he says that was Old India, which we don't want.

Digvijay Singh (Congress) poison of polarisation has been sowed into the minds of people and is very difficult to end it now.

Lok Sabha | 1.50 p.m.

Hanumal Beniwal (RLP) speaks in favour of the Motion.  He wants the government to end water disputes pertaining to Rajasthan and its neighbours. Mr. Beniwal continues his speech beyond his stipulated time. "Nothing will go on record," says the Chair.

Poonamben Maadam (BJP) says people have risen above region and religion and gave a ruling government an absolute majority. She credits it to minimum government, maximum governance.  Ms. Maadam says the ministers were more accessible to MPs that UPA-era ministers.

There was a time when headlines of newspapers were decided based on the size of corruption. But for the first time, a government didn't have any charges of corruption, she says. 

The Chair suggests she can lay her speech on the table of the House since she has taken more time. Ms. Maadam insists she speaks.  The Chair calls the next Speaker. Ms. Maadam requests the next Speaker. "You have to give away your time," the Chair says.

Lok Sabha | 1.30 p.m.

Tejasvi Surya from the BJP speaks next. He says that for a very long time, politics was more of a family business, in the control of oligarchs, and a kleptocracy. He says that this victory was because the common Indian fought these elections.

“The common Indian felt that the victory of the Prime Minister, is the victory of new India.”

When Indians can prosper outside India, why can't they develop here. He says a new India rose in 2014.  Whilst nothing much changed in terms of laws, a good leader delivered good governance, Mr. Surya says.

We were a culturally repressed country. A young Indian would cringe for belonging to the great Hindu civilization. That has changed in the last five years, Mr. Surya says. "We feel proud that we belong to the Hindu civilization," he adds.

I don't think the Opposition has not learnt their lesson. They have a kind of arrogance and a sense of entitlement, he claims. Mr. Surya targets Congress, points out the scams during Congress governments.

Mr. Surya dubs Karnataka government as "corrupt". But no Point of Order this time.

Lok Sabha | 1.15 p.m.

Dilip Ghosh, the West Bengal BJP Member, says that people have benefited from this government. He says that in West Bengal, there are schools, but no teachers, police stations, but no police personnel, etc.

He says that people who don’t speak Bengali are not considered as a part of Bengal, now, implying that the State government is inciting this.

Mr. Ghosh says that elections to municipalities have been stalled. He says that Mamata Banerjee wants to become the Prime Minister, but cannot do so with the amount of seats the TMC has. He says that there is a plot to make West Bengal as East Bangladesh.

M. Srinivasulu Reddy of the YSR Congress begins his speech by congratulating the BJP for its comeback. He mentions Jagan Mohan Reddy’s padayatra before the Assembly elections. He says that this government (Centre) is for farmers.

Mr. Reddy states that Andhra Pradesh is in dire need of funds, as the previous State government has overspent. He also asks for Special Category Status.

Lok Sabha | 12.55 pm

Trinamool Congress member Mahua Moitra makes her maiden speech in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

Trinamool Congress member Mahua Moitra makes her maiden speech in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: LSTV


Mahua Moitra (Trinamool Congress) opposes the Motion. She says the House belongs to the Opposition and she stands to reclaim it. You may claim Acche Din are here, but you are failing to see the signs, she says. She says the nationalism here is superfacial, xenophobic and narrow.

She hits out at the NRC exercise. When ministers couldn't show their educational certificates, you expect people to show papers to prove their nationality, she asks.

She says five of the largest news media are indirectly by one man. She claims the I&B monitors the TV channels to check anti-government news.

The elections this time was fought on Whatsapp and fake news, she says. There is fear prevailing everywhere. New enemies are being created everyday, she says.

Only one community is being targetted in the name of NRC, she says.

There is complete disdain of intellectuals. Funding for research has be cut down. You are pushing India back to darkness, she says.

Election Commission is used to transfer officials, she claims. Quoting Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinakar, she says dissent cannot be eroded. She says each sign she pointed out has mention in Nazi memorial.

A members raises Point of Order. He claims the reference of Election Commission and Ayodhya must be expunged.

Lok Sabha | 12.50 pm

Chirag Paswan (LJP) begins his speech by paying tributes to the children killed in AES in Bihar's Muzzafarpur.

Mr. Paswan says the verdict reposes faith on NDA government. He says the new India will be above caste, creed and religion.

Lok Sabha | 12.40 pm

P.C. Mohan, Karnataka MP, says he wants to highlight three issues. pertaining to his constituency Bangalore Central.

Bangalore used to be a city of lakes. But now most lakes are polluted. Highlighting the Bellandur lake froth, Mr. Mohan wants to rejuvenate lakes in the city under AMRUT.

He seeks more funds to sewage treatment plants.

Bengaluru has become synonymous to traffic. Mr. Mohan asks the Central government to take more efforts to bring suburban rail network in Bengaluru.

Kodikkunil Suresh is in the Chair.

Lok Sabha | 12.40 pm

Speaker adds Kodikkunil Suresh to the panel of presiding officers in the absence of Speaker.

Lok Sabha | 12.30 pm

Jayadev Galla (TDP) is the next speaker.

He says that the TDP had to walk out of the NDA because Special Category Status was denied to Andhra Pradesh. “In Andhra Pradesh, both the BJP and the TDP have suffered heavy losses. The people of AP punished the BJP, and decided to give the YSR Congress one chance to get from the Centre, what the TDP was not able to do.”

Mr. Galla says that with the mandate given to YSRCP, all eyes are on them. He wishes the YSRCP success.

“We have built our institutions brick by brick, over decades, and destroying them will affect our democracy.” He compares the present time to the Emergency. He cites the notification by the Home Ministry on monitoring information stored in all computers, misuse of the ECI, and TDP Rajya Sabha MPs going over to the BJP.

“Do you want history to show that this government is making it worse or make it better? Do you want all parties to join the BJP?” he asks referring to the ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’ slogan.

Mr. Galla quotes the former CEA Arvind Subramanian’s paper on GDP growth figures. “The government could have taken the necessary steps in the banking system and in agriculture. Now the entire country is left wondering which are the correct figures.” He also mentions the unemployment number, which is at its highest in 45 years. “If we make laws in the absence of corrected and trusted figures, it will be akin to driving in the dark with the lights off.”

“How are you going to ensure sabka vikaas, when the data given by the government is being questioned?” asks the Member. He asks for a task force comprising national and international experts, macroeconomists, statisticians to verify the data.

Lok Sabha | 12.20 pm

BJP MP Hema Malini speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

BJP MP Hema Malini speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: LSTV


Hema Malini, BJP MP from Mathura, speaks in Hindi. She congratulates the Speaker and remembers former Speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

She moves to English. She says the members are lucky to witness the transformation of a new India under the leadership of Mr. Modi.  She also thanks the people for voting for the BJP.

She says women empowerment is the landmark contribution of the Modi government. There are women in every industry. There are women heading banks, driving Ubers, handling fighter jets. There are lots of women in film industry too, she adds.

Ms. Hema Malini shifts between English and Hindi while speaking. She even recites a couple of poetry verses to list out the women welfare schemes of the government.

Ms. Hema Malini says her constituency Mathura is also facing water crisis. She also speaks about the need to clean up Yamuna river. 

Lok Sabha | 12.05 pm

 Dayanidhi Maran targets AIADMK govt, BJP objects

DMK member Dayanidhi Maran speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

DMK member Dayanidhi Maran speaks in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: LSTV


The House now continues its discussion on Motion of Thanks to President's Address. Dayanidhi Maran (DMK) begins the speech by congratulating the BJP for a sweeping victory. He also notes DMK is back in Parliament after a gap of five years. "Had India followed the footsteps of my leaders, things would have been different," Mr. Maran says and quotes C.N. Annadurai.

Mr. Maran claims the strength of BJP lies not in them, but in the weakness of the Opposition. Again quoting Anna, Mr. Maran says the ruling party should be humble.

Mr. Maran highlights the water crisis in Chennai. He  recalls how in 2004, during a similar drought, brought desalination plant. He accuses the Tamil Nadu government not doing enough for solving water crisis.

Nishikant Dubey raises Point of Order. He says Mr. Maran calling AIADMK government "corrupt" was unparliamentary. Mr. Maran says he used the word because the President Address spoke on eradication corruption.

Rajiv Pratap Rudy also raises Point of Order. He says Tamil Nadu doesn't find mention in the President's address. "It is the duty of the master to take care of slaves," Mr. Maran responds.

Arjun Meghwal, MoS, seeks expunge of Mr. Maran's reference of slaves.

If Tamil Nadu has not voted for you, please introspect, he says. Despite assurances from government, Karnataka government plans to construct dam in Mekadatu.

He accuses BJP government of imposing Hindi, NEET, dam and everything, he says. 

Lok Sabha | 12.00 noon

On delay in payment of scholarships

Dr. Pritam Munde (BJP) flags delay in payment of scholarships. She asks if there are any plans to announce scholarship for economically weaker sections. Minister Taawar Chand Gehlot says arrears will be cleared in a month.

With that, Question Hour ends.

Lok Sabha | 11.45 a.m.

On cow protection

Ravindra Shyamnarayan, a BJP MP, asks if the government plans to protect indigenous cows. Minister Giriraj Singh says cow protection is a State subject. The Animal Welfare Board takes care of all animals, including cows, the Minister says.

Mr. Singh also praises the efforts of Uttar Pradesh government for its schemes on cow protection.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor says many unauthorised cow protection committees are indulging in goondaism. He asks if the government would clarify and authorise cow protection committes. Mr. Singh says the members concerns will be addressed.

Lok Sabha | 11.30 a.m.

On setting up an Agricultural University in Meghalaya

A Meghalaya Member Vincent H. Pala asks why there is a delay in the setting up an Agricultural University in his State. The plan has been in place in 2009.

Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar says that Imphal University already covers this, but the Meghalaya Chief Minister has given a letter to the Centre on this issue, and that the government is looking into it. Mr. Tomar says that there is a plan to open Central Universities in 15 climate zones, and that Imphal is one of them. Three of these Universities are already open.

A Member asks about Minimum Support Price to farmers.

Lok Sabha | 11.15 a.m.

On water scarcity in Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri MP Rajkumar Chahar asks the next question on a potato processing plant in his constituency. The Minister of State for Agriculture and Family Welfare Parshottam Rupala says that the question pertains to the food processing Ministry. The Minister also answers the Member’s other question on what the government is doing to battle water scarcity in Fatehpur Sikri. Mr. Rupala lists the schemes in the Agra zilla. The Member goes on to ask what the government is doing to promote drip irrigation in the area.

NCP Member Supriya Sule asks what the Centre is doing to abate the agrarian crisis in Maharashtra. Mr. Rupala says that Maharashtra is the only State that has managed to effectively harvest rainwater.

On the crop insurance sheme

Mohanbhai Kunadariya, the BJP MP from Rajkot, says that crop insurance companies do not have grassroots workers, and that premiums are hurting farmers. He asks if the States have been made aware of the Centre’s PM Fasal Bima Yojana, and asks if there is any alternate for this. Mr. Rupala says that information went to all State Secretariats yesterday. The memo read that the scheme should be made voluntary.

Another Member says that the insurance is based on average yield, but average yield has been decreasing. He says the highest yield of the last five years should be taken into account. The Minister says that data from seven years back is taken into account, and the five best years are used for arriving at average yield.

Rajya Sabha | 11 a.m.

House convenes. Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu is in the Chair.

Mr. Naidu reads out an obituary reference to Madanlal Saini. The House observes two minutes of silence and is adjourned till 2 p.m.

Lok Sabha | 11 a.m.

House convenes. Speaker Om Birla is in the Chair.

Members who did not take their oaths come forward to do so now. The first is Nusrat Jahan Ruhi from the Trinamool Congress. She is followed by Mimi Chakraborty. They are both first-time Members.

Question Hour begins.

On subsidies to fishermen

Kaushalendra Kumar of the JD(U) asks a question on the promotion of fisheries. He asks if workers will also be given skill development training. Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Minister Giriraj Singh answers that the government will work on this.

Mr. Kumar, a Member from Nalanda, asks if there are any subsidies in place for fishermen. He also wants to know if there are plans to establishing hatcheries. Mr. Singh responds that hatcheries have been set up in Bihar, the State the Member is from.

Answering another question, Mr. Singh says that the government is working on a Blue Revolution.

A Member from Kerala says 18-20% of the people are depending on fisheries for their livelihood. He asks is there is going to be a new fisheries policy. Mr. Singh says that the government has given facilities for fisheries already.

Locket Chatterjee asks if the government has any plans for inland fisheries. The Minister says that the government has already begun working with State governments on this.

10.50 a.m.

Kerala Congress MPs protest

Kerala Congress MPs staged a demonstration at Parliament House on Tuesday, demanding farm loan waivers.

10.45 a.m.

Aadhaar Bill introduced amid protests

The second week of the 17th Lok Sabha saw hectic business on Monday as several key Bills were introduced, as many as 10 questions were asked during Question Hour and the debate on the President’s Address got under way.

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad introduced the Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019 in the Lok Sabha on Monday amid protests from Opposition members.

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10.30 a.m.

Centre sticks to its guns on special status to AP

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ruled out the possibility of granting the Special Category Status (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) and some other States.

Ms. Sithraman clarified in the Lok Sabha on Monday that the Central government was receiving requests for grant of the SCS from Odisha, Rajasthan, Bihar, Telangana, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and A.P. but there was no such proposal under its consideration.

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