Parliament Monsoon Session 8 August Updates | Rajya Sabha passes four Bills; Lok Sabha discusses no trust motion

PM Narendra Modi is scheduled to reply to the no-confidence debate on August 10.

August 08, 2023 08:51 am | Updated 06:07 pm IST

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi speaks in the Lok Sabha during the Monsoon Session of Parliament. (PTI File)

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi speaks in the Lok Sabha during the Monsoon Session of Parliament. (PTI File) | Photo Credit: -

Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi on Tuesday opened the debate from the Opposition with the Lok Sabha taking up discussion on the no-confidence motion against the government. Several Opposition MPs raised the ongoing Manipur crisis and demanded the Centre’s accountability on it. BJP countered it by listing the achievements by the Modi government in the past nine years, comparing it to the UPA government.

The numbers are comfortably stacked in favour of the government and the opposition is expected to utilise the opportunity to demonstrate its newly firmed-up unity to take on the Modi-led BJP in the Lok Sabha elections next year.

Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed four Bills - the Inter-services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023; the Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill, 2023; the National Dental Commission Bill, 2023; and the National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill, 2023. The Bills were passed in the absence of the Opposition members who walked out of the Upper House after demanding a discussion on the issue of Manipur violence.

Earlier in the day, proceedings in the Lower House were adjourned within minutes due to protests by the Opposition over re-recording of remarks made by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey against the Congress during Monday’s debate in the House.

The Rajya Sabha was also rocked by adjournments over the issue of the motion to suspend TMC member Derek O’Brien over unruly conduct and over the allegations that an Indian news portal was receiving Chinese funding. First, a war of words ensued between the Chairman and Mr. O’Brien, who in a loud voice raised a Point of Order that the Opposition wanted to discuss Manipur under Rule 267. Subsequently, the Chair named Mr. O’Brien and Leader of the House Piyush Goyal moved a motion to suspend the MP but the House was adjourned by the Chairman before a vote could be taken up on the motion. As proceedings resumed, the Chairman asked members for their views on the MP’s suspension motion, but fresh chaos began when BJP member Sudhanshi Trivedi raised the matter of a U.S. media report alleging that web portal “NewsClick” received Chinese funding to spread propaganda against India. He alleged that Congress had links with the portal, this was followed by Mr. Goyal making similar allegations, which led to another adjournment. The suspension motion was eventually dropped.

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  • August 08, 2023 18:00
    Lok Sabha adjourned

    The Lower House has been adjourned for the day. Proceedings will resume on Wednesday, 11 AM

  • August 08, 2023 17:51
    ‘Opposition forced to bring no-trust motion’: Premachandran

    Holding PM Narendra Modi accountable to Manipur, RSP MP N K Premachandran says, “Opposition is forced to bring no-confidence motion to bring the Prime Minister to the Parliament. What is forcing PM’s continued silence on Manipur? Why could he not make a statement in this House?”.

    Citing the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Manipur crisis, he asks, “Is it not a motion of no confidence in the government by the Supreme Court?”.

    Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla is in the Chair.

  • August 08, 2023 17:49
    Rajya Sabha adjourned for the day

    Proceedings will resume at 11.00 a.m. on Wednesday.

  • August 08, 2023 17:40
    Resolution to suspend TMC’s Derek O’Brien for the remainder of Monsoon Session dropped

    After Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar on August 8 moved a resolution to suspend TMC member Derek O’Brien for the rest of the Monsoon Session for “unruly” behaviour, it was dropped and the House was adjourned till 12 noon amid Opposition protest. Read more here

  • August 08, 2023 17:37
    ‘Opposition does not care for women’: Rana

    Questioning the Opposition for being silent on Rajasthan rape case, independent MP Navneet Rana says, “They do not care about women or their attrocities. They are raising Manipur only because PM Modi’s name is linked to it. They are using women for their politics. Why did you wait for two months to send a delegation to Manipur?,” asks Ms. Rana.

  • August 08, 2023 17:33
    Opposition parties move privilege notice against Piyush Goyal over remarks against them

    Sources said leaders of INDIA parties gave the notice to the Rajya Sabha chairman complaining against Mr. Goyal’s certain remarks made while he was speaking on the issue of media portal ‘NewsClick’ receiving funding from China-linked firms allegedly to spread Chinese propaganda. Read more here

  • August 08, 2023 17:29
    Rajya Sabha takes up Special Mentions
  • August 08, 2023 17:26
    Rajya Sabha passes the National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill, 2023
  • August 08, 2023 17:25
    Rajya Sabha passes the National Dental Commission Bill, 2023
  • August 08, 2023 17:21
    ‘Any disturbance in north-east leads to border issue’: Tewari

    Congress MP Manish Tewari explains that the Manipur violence was affecting Mizoram and Assam, with Manipur residents being told to leave. “Manipur borders Myanmar where north-east militants have taken shelter and the Myanmar junta have links to China. Any disturbance in north-east leads to a national security issue,” says Mr. Tewari.

    He is speaking in support of no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha.

  • August 08, 2023 17:11
    ‘Join us in making India developed by 2047’: Rijiju

    “Sometimes we speak certain things to oppose the government and it ends up being against India. Is it a proud thing to say that EU parliament has condemned India on Manipur? Gone are the days when any western power can influence the Indian government on a certain incident in Kashmir or Manipur,” says Mr. Rijiju.

    Slamming the Opposition, he claims that internal issues of India are being raised in foreign universities, triggering an ecosystem in India. “ As India rises as the fastest economy in the world, join us in making India a developed nation in 2047,” concludes Mr. Rijiju during the no-trust motion.

  • August 08, 2023 16:51
    YSRCP supports both the medical Bills under consideration in Rajya Sabha

    MP V. Vaijayasai Reddy suggests the National Dental Commission should assign each dental college to a rural area, and appoint one dentist for each primary health centre to educate rural people about dental and oral health.

  • August 08, 2023 16:20
    ‘INDIA bloc doing anti-India activities’: Rijiju

    Union Minister Kiren Rijiju notes that this was the last no-confidence motion in old parliament building as the MPs will soon be moving into the new parliament building. Stating that the Congress will once again lose the no trust motion, Mr. Rijiju says that the Opposition bloc’s

    INDIA alliance were doing anti-India activities.

    Targetting the Opposition for raising Manipur, he says the Modi government was the first which had inducted five members from north east India in the Union cabinet. Briefing the House on Manipur violence, Mr. Rijiju says that the present crisis between Kukis and Meiteis had not arisen now but due to the mishandling of the previous governments which had failed to hand-hold the north-east.

  • August 08, 2023 16:07
    Rajya Sabha takes up the National Dental Commission Bill, 2023, and the National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill, 2023

    S. Phangnon Konyak is chairing the session.

  • August 08, 2023 16:05
    Rajya Sabha passes the Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill, 2023
  • August 08, 2023 16:04
    ‘Nation has lost confidence in this govt due to Manipur’: Thirumaavalavan

    VCK MP Dr. Tholkappaiyan Thirumaavalavan slams the Centre over inaction on the ethnic strife in Manipur between the Meiteis and Kukis. Noting that one of the rape victims is the wife of Kargil war hero, he says that similar minority targetting is happening in Haryana too where Muslims were being slaughtered by the Hindu group Bajrang Dal.

    “Prime Minister should take responsibility and resign,” concludes Mr. Thirumaavalavan

  • August 08, 2023 15:55
    Autonomy only for academic excellence, IIMs must be held accountable for governance: Dharmendra Pradhan in Rajya Sabha

    The Education Minister is replying in the Upper House after a debate on the IIM Bill.

  • August 08, 2023 15:41
    ‘PM Modi predicted this no-confidence motion in 2018’: Duggal

    Terming Prime Minister Modi as a visionary, BJP MP Sunita Duggal says, “PM Modi had predicted this no trust motion in 2018 when they had previously brought such a no-confidence motion. Congress which has lost the confidence of the people, will not be able to build it soon. BJP will form a majority government once again in 2024, under PM Modi’s leadership”.

    Listing Ram Mandir, revocation of Article 370 as targets fulfilled by BJP, she said that the government will soon pass a Uniform Civil Code in the House.

  • August 08, 2023 15:36
    YSRCP MP V. Vijayasai Reddy supports the IIM Bill in Rajya Sabha, bats for domicile quota in the management institutes

    There is an obvious mismatch between the increase in the number of IIMs and the decrease in budgetary support to them, the MP says.

    He also says that around 500 posts out of a total of approximately 1,500 in all of IIMs are vacant, which is concerning for students in the institutes.

  • August 08, 2023 15:35
    ‘No confidence motion by Opposition, not just Congress’: Mann

    Shiromani Akali Dal (M) MP Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann speaks in support of the no trust motion, detailing the rapes in Manipur due to the ethnic strife. He lists the Muslim houses being demolished by the Haryana government due to the riots in Nuh, he claims that minorities were being targetted repeatedly in the nation. He pleads that this must stop.

  • August 08, 2023 15:31
    ‘Supreme Court slapped the Centre awake’: Sawant

    Backing the INDIA bloc on the no-confidence motion, Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Arvind Sawant said that the Centre was forced to act on Manipur crisis after being slapped awake by the Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court asked what investigation was done on the issue. After 30 days, the Prime Minister was forced to open his mouth,” says Mr. Sawant.

    Targetting BJP for betraying Shiv Sena, he says that they were the ones who had betrayed Hindutva as they had allied with a faction of NCP whom the BJP had termed as ‘Naturally corrupt party’. Mr. Sawant also listed the various projects which had shifted from Maharashtra to Gujarat because the state was then ruled by the MVA coalition.

  • August 08, 2023 15:29
    The Bill makes no mention of the exorbitant fees charged by IIMs, says YSRCP MP Masthan Rao Beeda in Rajya Sabha

    “The quality of education offered by IIMs remains unmatched, but it is still a dream for students from low-income households to get enrolled in such courses,” he says.

  • August 08, 2023 15:21
    BJP MP Anil Agrawal supports converting National Institute of Industrial Engineering in Mumbai to IIM Mumbai

    Supporting the Bill, the MP also says that IIMs should be allowed to solve managerial problems in sick industries to hone their skills and add value to the industrial sector too.

  • August 08, 2023 15:15
    ‘BJD will always stand against Congress’: Misra

    Speaking against the no-confidence motion, BJD MP Pinaki Misra says that his party’s genesis was by opposing the Congress. Praising the many Central projects in Odisha, Mr. Misra says fighting the Centre just for the sake of politics is not followed by BJD. Targetting the Congress, he says that they have a habit of snatching the jaws of defeat from victory. He reposes faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he would give the right response to the motion.

    Pulling up the Centre over Manipur, he asserts that this was the time to give constructive criticism on the issue and not move a no-confidence motion. “A detailed analysis was given on the Manipur issue to all parties. It is a long-standing issue which came to the fore because of one of the worst verdicts given by the Manipur High Court,” notes Mr. Misra. He also says that the Centre should have let the Supreme Court handle the issue rather than interfere in the dispute.

  • August 08, 2023 15:07
    Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan moves the Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill, 2023 in the Rajya Sabha

    Upper House begins discussion on the Bill.

  • August 08, 2023 15:05
    Rajya Sabha passes Inter-services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023

    The Bill has been passed through a voice vote.

  • August 08, 2023 15:00
    Defence Minister replies on the debate on Inter-Services Bill, 2023

    Defence Minster Rajnath Singh assured members that the Bill is an enabling legislation and if the creation of theatre commands takes place for the Indian military, this Bill would be applicable to the theatre commands as well by way of a general notification.

  • August 08, 2023 15:00
    ‘State-sponsored ethnic violence in Manipur’: Dimple Yadav of Samajwadi Party

    ‘State-sponsored ethnic violence in Manipur’: Dimple Yadav of Samajwadi Party

    On the no-confidence motion debate, SP MP Dimple Yadav slammed the Narendra Modi-led government and said, “The Manipur incident is very sensitive. The government has been very insensitive. This is an arrogant government. There was a complete violation of human rights. Using women as instruments for perpetrating violence is unacceptable in a constitutional democracy. It was a state-sponsored ethnic violence.”

  • August 08, 2023 14:52
    Members raise need for creating theatre commands for India’s forces

    While discussing the Inter-Services Bill, members Sujit Kumar of the BJD and of the Retd. Lt. Gen. D.P. Vats of the BJP raised the issue of the constitution of the proposed theatre commands for the Indian forces. Momentum has been for the proposed reorganisation of the Indian military into integrated theatre commands.

    Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has termed termed the Inter-Services Bill as part of a series of military reforms being undertaken by the government with the aim to empower the nation. He described the Bill as an important step taken towards integration and jointness among the Armed Forces to face the future challenges in an integrated manner.

    The creation of the commands, which is being planned for a couple of years now, would be the biggest reorganisation of the Indian armed forces since Independence.

    The four commands planned are air defence command, maritime theatre command, integrated eastern theatre command and integrated western theatre command.

    BJD’s Sujit Kumar said, advocating the proposal, that a theatre, which would have units from all three forces would be better prepared to handle the security needs of a particular geography in the country.

  • August 08, 2023 14:37
    Shiv Sena’s Shrikant Eknath Shinde opposes no-trust motion

    The Sena MP says Manipur issue is serious and action should follow, and accuses the Opposition of indulging in politics over it.


  • August 08, 2023 14:33
    Opposition members have walked out of Rajya Sabha

    Pressing on their demand to hold a discussion on Manipur, Opposition MPs staged a walkout in the Rajya Sabha, as the discussion on consideration and passing of the Inter-services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023, went underway.

  • August 08, 2023 14:25
    ‘Not about them vs us, but dignity of women’: Supriya Sule on Manipur issue

    Demanding the resignation of Manipur CM, NCP leader Supriya Sule said, “Manipur is not about them [Centre] versus us [Opposition]. It is about the dignity of women. How can such a government be allowed to continue.”

  • August 08, 2023 14:15
    ‘Hubris attitude’: Supriya Sule attacks Modi government

    “We [INDIA bloc] are representative of an Indian citizen. A Parliamentarian is voice of what a citizen feels. This no-confidence motion is the true emotion of an Indian citizen today,” says Supriye Sule of the NCP as she takes part in debate on the no-confidence motion.

    “The attitude of this government is hubris. Every time they talk, it’s only about future...”

  • August 08, 2023 14:07
    Defence Minister tables Inter-Services BIll in Rajya Sabha as Opposition demands Manipur debate; discussion on the Bill underway

    Amid Opposition demands for the Prime Minister’s presence in the House over Manipur, Union Minister Rajnath Singh tables the Inter-services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023, which was passed in the Lower House on August 4.

    The Inter-Services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill seeks to empower the Commander-in-Chief and Officer-in-Command of the Inter-Services Organisations to exercise control over all the personnel serving/attached under their command but belonging to different services. It will empower the central government to constitute an Inter-services Organisation. Such an organisation may include a joint services command — comprising of units or service personnel of Air Force, Army and Navy, placed under the command of the Commander-in-Chief or the Officer-in-Command.

    Presently, the service personnel of Air Force, Army and Navy are governed by the provisions of the Air Force Act, 1950, the Army Act, 1950 and the Navy Act, 1957. Only officers of the respective services are empowered to exercise disciplinary powers over personnel in each service.

  • August 08, 2023 14:04
    Rajya Sabha resumes, Chair says Derek O’Brien issue resolved

    The Chairman says he has spoken to some leaders and members as well as TMC MP Mr. Derek O’Brien, adding that there is quietus to the issue.

  • August 08, 2023 13:54
    Central government destroying federalism: TMC’s Sougata Ray

    Taking part in the debate on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, TMC’s Sougata Ray said the Narendra Modi-led government has failed promises. “It has made disastrous policy decisions. It is destroying federalism in the country and weakening all States,” the MP said.

    “They are sending delegation to West Bengal on any plea. But not one delegation has gone to Manipur where our brothers and sisters are dying. You have no compassion and that is why you have not gone to Manipur like other parties,” the MP adds.

    “Narendra Modi will not win 2024. He is now depending on the inauguration of Ram Mandir,” Mr. Ray says.



  • August 08, 2023 13:35
    No-confidence motion: DMK’s T.R. Baalu targets PM Modi

    The next speaker from the Opposition is DMK leader and Member of Parliament T.R. Baalu. Replying to debate on the no-confidence motion, the MP attacks Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his absence from Parliament.

    ”Minorities in Manipur have been killed ruthlessly. 143 people have been killed and 65,000 people have fled the State. Two women were stripped, gang-raped and paraded naked on the streets of Manipur. The CM is helpless. The PM is not coming to the Parliament and he has not gone to the state. Whereas, INDIA parties went there and understood what has happened,” the DMK MP said.


  • August 08, 2023 13:30
    WATCH | This is motion of confidence, says BJP MP

  • August 08, 2023 13:28
    INDIA parties to submit privilege notice over Piyush Goyal’s remarks
  • August 08, 2023 13:15
    Nishikant Dubey targets INDIA-bloc parties

    Replying to debate on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, BJP’s Nishikant Dubey slams political parties part of the Opposition bloc INDIA who have united with the Congress against the NDA.

  • August 08, 2023 12:55
    Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm. amid ruckus

    Amid loud Opposition sloganeering, Leader of the House Piyush Goyal says if any word used by him was unparliamentary, it should be expunged.

    Congress leader Digvijay Singh expresses objection over the allegation made against his party by the Leader of the House.

    As loud chants continue, Chairman says he is yet to conclude on the matter of Derek O’Brien’s suspension and adjourns the proceedings till 2 pm.

  • August 08, 2023 12:52
    Rajya Sabha resumes, uproar over BJP members’ allegations about Chinese funding for news portal

    As Rajya Sabha resumes amid din, Chairman says Congress leader Jairam Ramesh met him in his chamber to flag that a word used by Leader of the House Piyush Goyal while making his allegations was highly inappropriate. The Chair adds he will examine the matter and it the word will not find a place in the record if it is indeed objectionable.

    As Opposition members start sloganeering, the Chairman is on his feet asking them to take their seats.

  • August 08, 2023 12:46
    BJP MP Nishikant Dubey leads BJP in no-confidence motion debate

    BJP member Nishikant Dubey is the first speaker from the BJP on the no-confidence debate initiated by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi. The MP, however, is unable to reply to the debate due to protests by the Opposition.

  • August 08, 2023 12:45
    INDIA has moved no-confidence motion for Manipur: Gaurav Gogoi

    “The INDIA alliance has moved this no-confidence motion for Manipur because Manipur demands justice. The incidents are not merely happening in a corner of Northeast, but are happening in India. If Manipur is burning, the entire India is burning,” says Congress MP during no-trust debate.

    The Congress leader goes on to demand the PM to address the House and express sympathy while all parties extend their support. “ and then Manipur gets a message that the Parliament is with them at this time of crisis,” he adds.

    The MP poses three questions to the PM. “First, why didn’t he go to Manipur? Second, why did it take nearly 80 days for him to speak on Manipur and when he spoke, he did for just 30 seconds. Third, why didn’t you remove Manipur CM?” he adds.

  • August 08, 2023 12:37
    Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12:45 amid chaos

    As members were giving their views on the motion to suspend Mr. O’Brien, chaos ensued between Opposition and Treasury benches when BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi rose to raise the issue of alleged funding from China for an Indian news portal.

    LOH Piyush Goyal then rose to say this was a very critical issue and the Congress and its alliances were supporting Chinese media and conspiring against India by way of funding, which was being used by anti-national forces to spread propaganda.

    Amid the din of contesting voices from both sides, the Chairman adjourned the House till 12:45 pm.

  • August 08, 2023 12:37
    K.C. Venugopal says the motion moved by Leader of the House to suspend Derek O’Brien was “pre-planned”

    Chairman asked Congress MP K.C. Venugopal for his views on the motion to suspend Mr. O’Brien. The Congress member responded by saying that the motion moved by Piyush Goyal to suspend Mr. O’Brien seemed “pre-planned” from the Treasury’s side.

  • August 08, 2023 12:34
    Your politics has created two States, says Gogoi

    Slamming the government, Mr. Gogoi said the country has never seen such divisions between two communities as in Manipur. “Your politics has created two states,” he says.

    On the SC panel, he adds, “The Supreme Court has formed committee on Manipur, this shows even the top court has not accepted work done by the Centre or State government.”

  • August 08, 2023 12:30
    Piyush Goyal says embarrassed by behaviour of Members towards the Chair

    Piyush Goyal says he feels embarrassed as the Leader of the House to see the “continuous disregard and discourteous behaviour” meted out to the Chair.

    He says this is not the first time such behaviour has been seen coming from Mr. O’Brien, adding that it has been requested of him several times to say things in a courteous manner and not talk loudly to the Chair. He adds that certainly no one in the House approves of or desires this behaviour.

    Citing the “magnanimity” shown by the Chair by not taking a vote in the motion to suspend Mr. O’Brien, he says the least that is expected from the TMC MP is to express regret to the Chair who has felt hurt and asks members to maintain decorum.

  • August 08, 2023 12:21
    Why hasn’t PM Modi gone to Manipur, asks Gogoi

    “Why hasn’t PM Modi gone to Manipur till date? Why did he speak on the issue after 80 days? Why hasn’t PM Modi removed the CM of Manipur?” asks Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi in the Lok Sabha.

    “Why didn’t PM visit Manipur, why did it take 80 days for him to break silence on ethnic violence in state... The Opposition alliance was clear. It wanted PM Modi to make a statement on Manipur in House but he chose to be silent,” says the Congress MP.



  • August 08, 2023 12:21
    Rajya Sabha Chairman asks members for their views on the motion to suspend Derek O’Brien

    The Chairman says that before the adjournment till noon, he did not take an extreme step to fructify the motion to suspend Mr. O’Brien but even upon resumption of proceedings Mr. O’Brien, who was present in the House, engaged in questionable conduct. He asks members for their guidance.

  • August 08, 2023 12:13
    ‘Manipur demands justice’: Gaurav Gogoi opens debate on no-confidence motion

    The Lok Sabha has taken up no-confidence motion against the NDA government. Initiating the debate, Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi launches a scathing attack on the Centre.

    “We are compelled to bring the no-confidence motion. This was never about numbers but about justice for Manipur. I move the motion that this House expresses no confidence in the Government. INDIA has brought this motion for Manipur. Manipur wants justice. Manipur demands justice.”

  • August 08, 2023 12:08
    Vote pending on Resolution to suspend Derek O’Brien

    Congress MP Pramod Tiwari told Chairman Dhankhar that suspension is an “extreme step”, asking him to show generosity and not suspend Mr. O’Brien as the resolution over his suspension was not passed; he was asked to leave the House and the proceedings were adjourned instead.

  • August 08, 2023 12:06
    Speaker invites Gaurav Gogoi to start debate on no-trust motion in Lok Sabha

    A heated war of words followed after Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi asked why Rahul Gandhi’s name as lead speaker for no-trust motion withdrawn at last minute when Speaker Om Birla invited Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi to initiate the debate in the Lok Sabha.

  • August 08, 2023 12:00
    Proceedings resumes in Lok Sabha

    Speaker Om Birla informs the House of his decision of not admitting any suspension of business notice in the Lok Sabha. Papers are presently being laid on the table of the House.

  • August 08, 2023 11:59
    WATCH | Rahul Gandhi in Parliament
  • August 08, 2023 11:47
    Congress MP Rajiv Shukla on no-confidence motion

    “They have the number strength. The purpose is that the Opposition will be allowed to speak [in the Parliament],” says the Congress MP on no-confidence motion debate in the Lok Sabha today.

  • August 08, 2023 11:29
    TMC Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien suspended for the remainder of session, House adjourned till noon

    As Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar rejected all Rules 267 notices for suspension of the day’s business to discuss Manipur, TMC MP Derek O’Biren stood up to raise a Point of Order and a war of words soon ensued between the CHairman and the MP.

    In a raised voice, Mr. O’Brien said the Opposition was ready for a discussion but not in the way the government wanted it.

    Mr. Dhankhar interjected to say that when a member rises to raise a Point of Order, they should do the same and not make a speech, specifying the rule under which they are raising the Point of Prder.

    In a louder tone, Mr. O’Brien said the Rule was 267 and the Opposition had been asking for a discussion on Manipur.

    This is when the Chairman named Mr. O’Brien after which Leader of the House Piyush Goyal moved a motion for his suspension for unruly behaviour.

    TMC floor leader Derek O’ Brien was then asked to leave the House, which was adjourned till 12:00 noon.

  • August 08, 2023 11:25
    Row in RS over order of listing business

    Opposition members are questioning why an item on the list of business related to BJP MP Rao Inderjit Singh’s statement was pushed to after the Question Hour.

  • August 08, 2023 11:15
    Health Minister moves motion in Rajya Sabha to elect MPs as AIIMS body members

    Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya moves motion to elect six MPs to be members of the institute bodies of the six branches of the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

  • August 08, 2023 11:10
    Notices in Parliament

    Congress MP Manish Tewari has given an Adjournment Motion notice in the Lok Sabha, demanding a discussion on the border situation with China.

    Congress MPs Syed Naseer Hussain, Imran Pratapgarhi, Rajeev Shukla and Jebi Mather and Ranjeet Ranjan, RJD MP Manoj Jha and AAP MP Raghav Chadha have moved Suspension of Business notice under Rule 267 in the Rajya Sabha, to discuss the Manipur issue.

  • August 08, 2023 11:07
    Rajya Sabha proceedings begin

    Members are currently laying papers on the table, including reports of Departmentally Related Standing Committees.

  • August 08, 2023 11:03
    Lok Sabha briefly adjourned

    Proceedings were briefly adjourned till 12 noon on Tuesday monring after Leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, led protests against restoration of expunged remarks of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey against the Congress party.

    The BJP MP’s remarks were yesterday expunged but later reinstated in records. Here’s what happend.

  • August 08, 2023 11:01
    Lok Sabha reconvenes

    Proceedings in the Lower House have begun. All eyes are on the no-trust motion, debate on which will be held today.

  • August 08, 2023 10:56
    INDIA group MPs discuss the reinstatement of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey’s expunged remarks

    BJP’s Nishikant Dubey allegedly made defamatory remarks against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as he came to Parliament yesterday upon being reinstated as an MP after a recent Supreme Court verdict.

  • August 08, 2023 10:38
    INDIA bloc holds meet

    A meeting of the floor leaders of INDIA parties is underway at LoP Rajya Sabha’s office in Parliament, to devise the Opposition’s strategy. A discussion on the no confidence motion will be taken up in the Lok Sabha today.


  • August 08, 2023 10:34
    WATCH | Amit Shah arrives in Parliament
  • August 08, 2023 10:17
    Nishikant Dubey to be the first speaker from BJP on no-confidence motion: BJP sources


  • August 08, 2023 09:46
    BJP Parliamentary party meeting underway; PM Modi also present

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the BJP’s Parliamentary party meeting ahead of the no-confidence debate scheduled in the Lower House of Parliament today. BJP national president and party MP J.P. Nadda were among those who attended the meeting. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and Mansukh Mandaviya including other Ministers arrived for the meeting.

    The no-confidence motion was moved by the Opposition parties of INDIA bloc and accepted by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. A time period of 12 hours has been fixed for the discussion. YSRCP, Shiv Sena, JDU, BJD, BSP, BRS and LJP have been given a total of two hours, which has been divided according to the number of party’s MPs in the House. A time limit of one hour 10 minutes has been allotted for other parties and independent MPs.

  • August 08, 2023 09:42
    Took rules of no-trust motion to drag PM to Lok Sabha: TMC MP Derek O’Brien

    TMC MP Derek O’Brien claimed that it has taken the rules of a no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition to “drag” Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Lok Sabha.

    In a tweet, the TMC’s Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha also urged the Prime Minister to come to the Upper House.

  • August 08, 2023 08:56
    No-confidence motion | Rahul Gandhi likely to open debate from Opposition side

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is likely to open the debate from the Opposition side when the Lok Sabha takes up discussion on the no-confidence motion against the government on Tuesday. Sources in the Congress said Mr. Gandhi will open the discussion while other leaders such as Gaurav Gogoi, who moved the motion, will follow later.

    Starting Tuesday, the Lok Sabha is set to witness a fierce debate on the no-confidence motion against the BJP-led government. The motion of no-confidence by Mr. Gogoi, the Congress’ deputy leader in the Lok Sabha, has been listed as agenda item three in the List of Business. It will take place under the shadow of the ethnic violence in Manipur, which has led to repeated disruptions in both Houses of Parliament. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to reply to the debate on August 10.


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