Parliament Monsoon Session live updates | Lok Sabha passes the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023

Lok Sabha debates the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Amendment Bill, 2023; Rajya Sabha passes the Offshore Areas Mineral (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2023 and the Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023.

August 03, 2023 10:25 am | Updated 07:32 pm IST

**EDS: VIDEO GRAB VIA SANSAD TV** New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah speaks in the Lok Sabha during the Monsoon session of Parliament, in New Delhi, Thursday, Aug. 3, 2023. (PTI Photo)(PTI08_03_2023_000142A)

**EDS: VIDEO GRAB VIA SANSAD TV** New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah speaks in the Lok Sabha during the Monsoon session of Parliament, in New Delhi, Thursday, Aug. 3, 2023. (PTI Photo)(PTI08_03_2023_000142A) | Photo Credit: -

Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar failed to broker a truce between floor leaders of the House on Thursday as the logjam over discussion on Manipur violence continued to mar the proceedings.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi and Leader of Rajya Sabha Piyush Goyal met Congress President and Rajya Sabha Opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge ahead of the meet. However, no conclusion was evidently reached as the Opposition walked out of the House once again when the proceedings resumed after lunch. Meanwhile, the Upper House continued to discuss and pass Bills in the absence of the Opposition.

Earlier in the day, sources indicated that while the government is offering a debate on Manipur violence with a statement by Home Minister Amit Shah instead of one by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress stuck to its demand for a statement by the Prime Minister, along with a comprehensive debate.

The Opposition had walked out of Rajya Sabha during Zero Hour too, after the Chair rejected Mr. Kharge’s request to adjourn the House till the 1 p.m. meeting was held and issues were resolved. Zero Hour and Question Hour continued without Opposition presence in the first half of today’s session.

The Rajya Sabha passed The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023, and The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023, during the post-lunch sitting.

Proceedings in the Lok Sabha on Thursday were hit, once again, by an early adjournment. Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury demanded the presence of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla in the House as BJP’s Rajendra Agrawal was in the Chair. Mr. Birla made an appearance in the Lower House when proceedings resumed after lunch but barely stayed for ten minutes before leaving again.

The Question Hour in the Lower House was hit by disruptions due to Opposition’s sloganeering related to Manipur violence which led to an adjournment till 2 p.m.

Yesterday, the Rajya Sabha passed three Bills unopposed after Opposition members walked out protesting the denial of an adjournment motion over the violence in Manipur. The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, The Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill, and The Jan Vishwas (Amendment of Provisions) Bill were passed. In the Lok Sabha, Speaker Om Birla did not attend proceedings, upset with repeated disruptions over the Manipur issue. As the Lok Sabha was adjourned minutes after it was convened for the post-lunch session, the House could not take up the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023 for passage.

The 12th session of the 17th Lok Sabha began close on the heels of 26 opposition parties forming the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) to take on the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. The government has lined up 31 bills, including draft legislation on personal data protection, for the session which concludes on August 11.

Here are the live updates:
  • August 03, 2023 19:18
    Lower House adjourned until Friday, August 4
  • August 03, 2023 19:14
    Treasury benches move a motion to suspend AAP’s Jalandhar West MP Sushil Kumar Rinku for the remainder of the session

    Union Minister Prahlad Joshi moved a motion to suspend AAP’s Jalandhar West MP Sushil Kumar Rinku for tearing and fluttering the bill at the chair. The motion was moved and passed immediately.

  • August 03, 2023 19:13
    Lower Houses passes the GNTCD Bill, 2023
  • August 03, 2023 19:05
    The Lok Sabha witnesses a brief uproar among the opposition benches, in an unrelated context, following a confusion over the use of term ‘2G’ (referring to the scam)
  • August 03, 2023 19:02
    Be assured the ordinance is absolutely democratic and for the welfare of the citizens of Delhi: Home Minister

    He urged the members that opposition benches must not vote out of alliance obligation but for the 130 crore people of Delhi. Mr Shah told the house that they would still have an opportunity to do something for them whilst voting.

  • August 03, 2023 18:43
    Opposition does not care about democracy or people, they are only here for their alliance: Home Minister Amit Shah

    Home Minister Amit Shah responding to the debate, told the house that the opposition sat for the debate for the first time notwithstanding the several bills that several bills have been passed in the ongoing session. He remarked that opposition sat through the debate only because they feared that AAP would walk out of the alliance.

    Pointing to the recent protests in the parliament, he said that the opposition was up with placards raising concerns about Manipur but “when it came to their alliance partner, all of them actively participated.” He added, “Once this bill is passed, your alliance would be broken, (Chief Minister Arvind) Kejriwal shall bid you goodbye.”

    Photo Source: SansadTV (Screengrab)

  • August 03, 2023 18:18
    Govt intervenes in places where its political will is low: Karti Chidambaram

    Congress MP from Sivaganga stated the government meddles in places where they have low political capital. Drawing a similarity with Jammu & Kashmir, “They have lost successive local and state elections here (in Delhi), in order to meddle they are brigning this law... They are mute and blind to what is happening in Manipur, but wish to meddle here,” he stated.

    Mr Chidambaram remarked that the “vehemence” exhibited by the MPs from Dellhi might be to seek appointment as Lieutenant Governor instead of competing for MP positions.

  • August 03, 2023 18:14
    Rajya Sabha passes The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023; adjourns for the day

    The bill was passed by a voice vote. The House adjourns for the day to reconvene at 11 a.m. on August 4 (Friday).

  • August 03, 2023 18:13
    Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal replies to discussion on The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023

    Arjun Ram Meghwal says The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), the DISHA scheme and artificial intelligence services like Jugalbandi chatbot are all works in progress. He says that the Centre will seriously look into welfare measures for young lawyers.

  • August 03, 2023 18:02
    The bill is “absurd”: Hyderabad MP Assaduddin Owaisi

    AIMIM MP from Hyderabad Asaddudin Owaisi noted that the Supreme Court had stated ordinances can be used in instances mandating ‘neccessity’ and ‘immediate action’.

    Mr Owaisi also pointing to AAP’s support for Article 370, said, “What goes around, comes around. You cannot shout victim now.” Furthermore, questioning the political will of the treasury, he said that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had tabled a bill for complete statehood for Delhi.

    He concluded saying days are not far when Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Mumbai “could become Union Territories”.

  • August 03, 2023 17:52
    Legal fees in India largely unregulated, says Vijaysai Reddy

    Rajya Sabha sees a rare light moment this session as YSRCP MP Vijaysai Reddy, discussing The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023, mentions that several senior lawyers, who are also members of the Rajya Sabha, charge exorbitant rates for each appearance in the court. He points out to P. Chidambaram of the Congress and Kapil Sibal notably, while on the subject. He mentions that even Chairman of the Rajya Sabha was once a lawyer, as loud laughter erupts from several members in the House. Deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh, on Chair, asks Mr. Reddy to get back to the subject. Mr. Reddy also spoke of training of new law graduates and the low income levels of junior lawyers.

  • August 03, 2023 17:33
    Thambidurai urges Centre to change name of Madras High Court to Tamil Nadu High Court

    AIADMK’s Dr. Thambidurai from Tamil Nadu urges the central government to change the name of the Madras High Court to Tamil Nadu High Court, respecting the sentiments of the people of the State. He says the name is from colonial times and should be changed.

  • August 03, 2023 17:32
    Home Minister Amit Shah was on ground during COVID and recently during floods, CM Kejriwal was missing: Manoj Tewari

    Member from North-East Delhi Manoj Tiwari told the house that immediately after the Supreme Court judgement, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal transferred the Vigilance Officer at a time when the party was being investigated in the liquor scam.

    “I have been in Delhi since 2013. Never have we (BJP) sought complete statehood from our manifestos,” he stated.

    Mr Tiwari arguing about LG interevention, he told the house that LG only interferes when constitutional provisions are violated.

  • August 03, 2023 17:19
    Prime Minister talks of cooperative federalism but what we are witnessing instead is coercive federalism: Shashi Tharoor on Delhi Ordinance

    The Congress MP, citing provisions of the ordinance, also observed that how can a minister be responsible for officials who can supersede him. “The selected are over-taking the elected,” he summarised.

    Further, he held that when governors and state legislatures have been at odds as observed in several states, the ordinance gives the lieutenant governor is being accorded “unpreceedented power” over elected representatives of people elected to fulfill the aspirations of the people.

    “Prime Minister talks of cooperative federalism but we are witnessing instead coercive federalism that seeks to centralise all power in the hands of the central govt,” he stated, adding, “It looks as if some states will come first if they are ruled by right party, while others must remain subservient to the political wishes of those in Delhi.”

  • August 03, 2023 17:09
    Rajya Sabha passes the Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023

    The Bill has been passed through a voice vote. The House has now taken up The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023, for discussion.

  • August 03, 2023 17:04
    Delhi Ordinance an assault of democratic heritage and spirit of federalism: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor

    The Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram said the introduction of the bill at a time when the house has a pending no-confidence motion against the government, is against “democratic morality”. Drawing a parallel with the abrogation of Article 370 with respect to Jammu and Kashmir, he referred to it as “utter comptent of the state and value of political representation that citizens give themselves through elections”.

    He told the house that the support from his party was not related to any alliance, rather priniciple of democratic and federal republic.

  • August 03, 2023 16:55
    Sule: ‘Bill is elected Vs Selected’

    NCP MP Supriya Sule speaks against the GNCTD Bill, telling that the Bill was ‘elected vs selected’ i.e. Delhi assembly vs executive branch. Questioning why BJP demands full statehood for Delhi in its every manifesto, Ms. Sule pointed out that BJP was now terming it as a part-state.

    “Article 239AA says that the Parliament is not allowed to revoke powers from the Delhi government,” says Sule. She adds that the Delhi civil service board will have two secretaries appointed by the Centre and the Chief Minister, which gives the Centre the power to overrule the CM.

  • August 03, 2023 16:53
    In his reply in Rajya Sabha, Union Minister Anurag Thakur slams Congress for hindering press freedom during its rule

    Mr. Thakur says that Congress was established by a British national and even after Independence, they stuck to a colonial mindset and shaped their policies accordingly.

  • August 03, 2023 16:44
    Gaddam Reddy: ‘This Bill is like RRR movie’

    Speaking against the GNCTD Bill, TRS MP Gaddam Ranjith Reddy quotes hit Telugu movie RRR, saying just as actors Ram Charan, Rama Rao and director Rajamouli constituted the three Rs of the movie, there were three Rs in Delhi too. He says that Delhi’s bureaucracy reports to the council of ministers, who report to Assembly, who are accountable to the public. This Bill was impinging on this, he notes.

  • August 03, 2023 16:29
    TDP MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar faces backlash in Rajya Sabha as he says criticism by the government curbs freedom of the press

    The MP names two Telugu newspapers and says that the central government must interfere to curb such practices, particularly in Andhra Pradesh.

  • August 03, 2023 16:16
    Misra: ‘Why appoint 437 advisors to Delhi dept?’

    Supporting the legislation, BJD MP Pinaki Misra explains why his party is in favour of the GNCTD Bill, inspite of BJP being its prime opposition in Odisha. Citing the Article 239 AA, he says that the Parliament is empowered to make laws for the national capital region. Pulling up the AAP govt, he asks why 437 advisors were appointed to various departments in Delhi at the cost of taxpayers.

    He noted that the SC had allowed the Parliament to make a law empowering the Centre to appoint civil services officers in Delhi. Pointing out that Delhi has a unique position due to article 239AA, he iterates that such a law cannot be made for Odisha, Rajasthan etc. He added that the Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of the law made by Parliament.

  • August 03, 2023 16:15
    BJP’s G.V.L. Narsimha Rao says BJP stands for media freedom

    The MP says that Congress has, in the past, tried to subvert media freedom.

    He adds that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faced the “stingiest of criticism from media, on most occasions unfairly”.

    The MP also mentions India’s low ranking in world indices. “Some indices rank India even lower than Pakistan in media freedom. Can there be a bigger joke than this?” he says.

  • August 03, 2023 16:03
    Singh: ‘Bill is against democracy’

    JD (U) MP Rajiv Ranjan Singh opposes the GNCTD Bill, noting that the Supreme Court gave a verdict upholding Delhi govt’s right on May 11 and the Centre passed an ordinance on 19 May. He said that the Centre had filed a review petition, a day before SC went on holiday.

    He added that the Bill is against democracy, pointing out that the SC re-iterated that the L-G is in the scope of the council of ministers in all matters of public services except public order, police and land.

  • August 03, 2023 15:57
    Rajya Sabha: YSRCP MP V. Vijayasai Reddy raises concerns over the entry of corporates in the “fourth pillar of democracy”

    The role of the press, of late, has been severely and adversely compromised, Mr. Reddy says.

    Corporate entities, which have financial means at their disposal, enter the press and dictate terms to the other three pillars of democracy, the MP adds.

  • August 03, 2023 15:53
    Midhun Reddy: ‘The Bill is within the limits outlined by SC’

    YSRCP MP Midhun Reddy speaks in favour of the GNCTD Bill saying that it was within the limits set by the Supreme court without impinging on the assembly’s rights. However, he requested the Centre to keep this a unique bill and not replicate it in other states.

  • August 03, 2023 15:35
    Supporters of the Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023 praise the removal of imprisonment for violations as stated in the previous version of the law

    According to the statement and objectives of the Bill, imprisonment and other fines and punishments were “anachronistic to constitutional values”.

  • August 03, 2023 15:35
    Banerjee: ‘Targetted legislation to whittling down elected govt’

    Trinamool Congress MP Kalyan Banerjee says that the GNCTD Bill, 2023 is aimed to only whittling down the elected AAP govt’s powers. hampering India’s federalism. He adds that the Bill allows the Centre to take ,complete control of the civil services as all IAS officers, chief secretary will all be appointed by the Centre.

    “The Bill breaks the chain of responsibility - officer reports to minister, minister accountable to the assembly, the legislature is accountable to people. How can Centre take unilateral control?,” questions Mr. Banerjee.

  • August 03, 2023 15:22
    Maran: ‘BJP unleashes ED and CBI wherever it can’t win’

    DMK MP Dayanidhi Maran cites the Supreme Court judgement while opposing the GNCTD Bill that all services except for police must be handed over to elected government. He says, “Wherever the BJP cannot win, they unleash the ED and the CBI”.

    Citing the Centre’s decision to approach SC seeking extension for the ED director, he added that the government recognises the importance of the bureaucrat.

  • August 03, 2023 15:05
    Union Minister Anurag Thakur moves the Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023 in Rajya Sabha for consideration and passing

    This Bill is a way to get rid of our colonial mindset, Mr. Thakur says.

  • August 03, 2023 15:04
    Bidhuri: ‘Bill is to protect Delhi from corrupt govt’

    With Rajendra Agrawal in the Chair, BJP’s South Delhi MP Ramesh Bidhuri speaks in favour of the GNCTD Bill.

    Quoting the Mahabharat, he says that whenever there is injustice, the Lord will come to dispense justice. This Bill corrects the injustice happening to Delhi via an arrogant and corrupt CM, adds Mr. Bidhuri

  • August 03, 2023 15:03
    Rajya Sabha passes the Offshore Areas Mineral (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2023

    The Bill has been passed through a voice vote in the absence of Opposition.

  • August 03, 2023 14:54
    Chowdhury: ‘Centre may start making laws for other states’

    Opposing the GNCTD Bill, Lok Sabha LoP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury cites that court verdict which strengthened the Delhi Assembly to make decisions regarding civil services in Delhi. He claims that if the Bill is let to pass, then the Centre will overrule elected Assemblies in other states and make decisions for them.

    “Why are we being elected by the public if not to decide for them?,” questions Mr. Chowdhury

  • August 03, 2023 14:51
    Speaker Om Birla takes Lok Sabha Chair

    After exiting the House miffed with the Opposition protests, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla once again presides the House. Leader of Opposition Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury welcomes him

  • August 03, 2023 14:47
    Pharmacy (Amendment) Bill, 2023 introduced in LS

    The Pharmacy (Amendment) Bill, 2023 introduced in Lok Sabha by Union MoS Health and Family Welfare Bharari Pawar

  • August 03, 2023 14:46
    Shah: Inspite of any coalition, Narendra Modi is coming to power in 2024

    Declaring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third run for the post, Mr. Shah dismissed the Opposition’s Indian National Developmental, Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) and said that the BJP will win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

  • August 03, 2023 14:44
    Shah: AAP is opposing Bill to hide own corruption

    Targetting AAP, Mr. Shah says, “When BJP and Congress were in power in Centre and Delhi, it was progressing peacefully. But when AAP came to power in 2015, it was clear that they were not interested in public service. They are opposing to hid their own corruption by keeping vigilance under their control”.

  • August 03, 2023 14:37
    Shah: Centre can decide on Delhi National capital region

    Union Amit Shah cites constitutional articles to re-iterate that the Centre is empowered to make decisions of the Delhi National Capital region. He adds that the Supreme Court has upheld the Parliament’s right to make laws on National Capital Territory of Delhi

  • August 03, 2023 14:36
    YSRCP’s V. Vijaysai Reddy supports the Offshore Areas Mineral Amendment Bill in Rajya Sabha.

    The well-being of marine diversity has a crucial relevance to my State particularly because many people living on the coastline are dependent on the sea and related operations, the MP says.

    Mr. Reddy also urges the government to consider drafting a sea bed mining policy.

  • August 03, 2023 14:27
    Rajya Sabha discusses the Offshore Areas Mineral (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2023

    The discussion is happening in the absence of the Opposition.

  • August 03, 2023 14:23
    Lok Sabha debates Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023

    Home Minister Amit Shah is answering points raised by the Opposition about the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill (GNCTD), 2023

  • August 03, 2023 14:15
    Once again, the Opposition walks out of Rajya Sabha

    Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar says he was unable to broker a truce to run the House smoothly despite repeated meetings with the floor leaders.

    Opposition members protest for a few minutes before leaving the House.

  • August 03, 2023 14:11
    Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023 introduced in Lok Sabha

    Union Electronics & Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw introduces Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023 in the Lok Sabha. Opposition MPs Asaduddin Owaisi, Gaurav Gogoi, Manish Tewari, Saugata Roy oppose introduction of the Bill.

    Mr. Tewari pointed out that an earlier version of a Data protection Bill had been reviewed by a standing committee. However, the government has now introduced a new Bill, without taking any suggestions of the committee and was introducing it as a Finance Bill.

    Mr. Vaishnaw clarifies that the Bill is being introduced as a general bill and not a money Bill.

  • August 03, 2023 14:03
    Lok Sabha resumes

    Chair Rajendra Agrawal says that the Speaker has not accepted any of the suspension notices submitted to him. Papers are being laid on the table

  • August 03, 2023 14:03
    Rajya Sabha proceedings resume

    Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar starts a discussion on a Bill while Congress MP Pramod Tiwari tries to raise a Point of Order related to Manipur violence.

    Mr. Tiwari is cut off by the Chairman and other MPs too.

  • August 03, 2023 13:10
    Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 p.m.

    Question Hour concludes and the Rajya Sabha is adjourned till 2 p.m.

  • August 03, 2023 12:53
    Truce in sight in Rajya Sabha as Pralhad Joshi, Piyush Goyal meet Mallikarjun Kharge

    Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi and Leader of House Piyush Goyal both meet opposition leaders at Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s office before the slated tea-party scheduled for 1 p.m.

    According to Congree sources, the government is offering a debate on Manipur but insisting that instead of the PM, the Home Minister will speak on the issue. The Congress on the other has said that they have two negotiables-- a comprehensive debate on Manipur irrespective of the rule and a statement from the Prime Minister.

    The meeting is still underway.

  • August 03, 2023 12:50
    Aiming to build indigenous icebreaker in five years: Union Minister Kiren Rijuju

    Why is there delay in development of indigenous icebreaker for more than a decade, asks YSRCP MP V. Vijayasai Reddy.

    Minister of Earth Sciences Kiren Rijuju says that it is required to access the pole, and polar stations are critical for research. He highlights that there have been numerous challenges in building the ship, saying that a 2014 deal fell through. But an initiave is in the works, he says, adding that it may be double the earlier estimate, and expressed confidence that it would be achieved in the next five years. He says that we are keen to build this in India.

  • August 03, 2023 12:44
    Outlay of Rs. 1500 crores for North East development scheme: Minister B.L Verma

    Replying to a question in the Rajya Sabha, B.L Verma, Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region says that they have provided for Rs. 1500 crore for PM DeVINE initiative (North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme) and Rs. 6600 crores in the coming four years.

    This is a central scheme to support development, social development, and aid livelihood of youth and women in the North East.

  • August 03, 2023 12:28
    A thousand Khelo India centres to be opened in 2023: Union Minister Anurag Thakur

    Tourism is increasing in J&K, will there be a mechanism where horsemen are not affected, Rajya Sabha member Gulam Ali asks. Minister of State for Tourism Ajay Bhatt says that this is a State subject.

    BJP MP Kamakhya Prasad Tasa asks what steps are being taken to further encourage sports and develop infrastructure in the North-East.

    Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Anurag Thakur says that the government is moving beyond “look East” to an “Act East” policy, and that the first sports university is being opened in Manipur.

    He adds that, in this year, 1000 Khelo India centres will be opened over in India, and that in the north east, each district has two centres in the North-East, as opposed to one in other regions. He highlights that many athletes from the North-east, especially women, have seen grand success on the world stage, including Mary Kom, Baichung Bhatia and Lovlina Borgohain.

  • August 03, 2023 12:14
    RS: Question Hour underway, questions on Vishakhapatnam Port

    Zero Hour concludes, Question Hour taken up in the Rajya Sabha

    The first question pertains to the inauguration of cruise berth and terminal in the Vishakhapatnam Port, which are not yet ready, asked by YSRCP MP V. Vijayasai Reddy.

    Minister of State for Tourism Ajay Bhat says that the work was stopped during the Covid-10 pandemic, and said that we will given the money whenever required. He says that they are ready to inaugrate the port, it is the responsibility of the Vishakhapatnam Port Trust.

    A supplementary question is asked about increasing passenger capacity to 5000 as well.

    TMC(M) MP DK Vasan asks about promoting cruise tourism in Tamil Nadu, especially in Chennai Port. The Minister says that they are ready to partner with the port trusts for development.

    BJP MP G.V.L Narasimha Rao asks if the ministry will coordinate with the Ministry of Home Affairs to commences custom operations so we can have international cruise operationa from Visakhapatnam Port.

  • August 03, 2023 12:06
    SC should take notice of those raising anti-Hindu slogans: BJP MP Prakash Javdekar

    Dr. Radha Mohan Das Agrawal, BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh, raises to speak about the importance of the Bhojpuri language, highlighting its cultural value and pointing out that it has more speakers than a number of scheduled languages

    BJP MP Prakash Javdekar says that forces are trying to disrupt the peace of the nation, saying that anti-Ramayana and anti-Hindu slogans are being raised in protests. He says that no action is not being taken against them. Saying that Kerala and other States are facing this, he requests that the Supreme Court take cognizance of the same.

  • August 03, 2023 11:55
    RS: Zero Hour underway as Opposition protests intensely and stages walkout

    Zero Hour issues, including deaths due to borewells, and pollution of Yamuna, Kali and other rivers, are raised, as Opposition continues sloganeering.

    The Opposition members then walk out of the Rajya Sabha.

  • August 03, 2023 11:48
    Adjourn House till 1 p.m., return after discussing Manipur debate: LoP Mallikarjun Kharge

    Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge says that the Chair has asked the members to come up with a via media, and INDIA members have proposed that this happen. Treasury benches protest when INDIA is mentioned. After they quiet down, Mr. Kharge highlights that rule 267 means that other business should be set aside, and says he doesn’t understand why it has become a prestige issue.

    He says that his notice has eight points why this should be admitted under rule 267, but the Chair is saying there is no reason. He asks the the House be adjourned till 1 p.m., when the floor leaders are to meet in the Chair’s chambers, saying that they will discuss and resolve the issue and then return to the House.

    You are not admitting small points, you are defending the Prime Minister, I don’t understand why, he asks.

    Chair takes up the last point, saying that we have a constitutional democracy at every level, our Prime Minister is not needed to be defended by me, he has come to be defended on global platforms. “Every Indian should be proud of it,” he says. “I am not required to defend anyone,” he says, adding that he needs to defend the Constitution, and that we should be proud of the government.

    I am not concerned with politics, I am concerned with governance he says.

    Chair moves on to issues raised with the permission of the Chair, as Opposition members raise protest and slogans.

  • August 03, 2023 11:35
    Point of order on form of rule 267 notices, what is the right way: DMK MP Tiruchi Siva

    A point of order under rule 258 is raised by DMK MP Tiruchi Siva; he asks for a clarification as to how the rule 267 notices do not fall under the Chair’s observations, so that “our future notices will be in a proper form” so that this “technical factor” will not stand in the way of discussions.

    The Chair asks Mr. Siva to go through his ruling, and that he has indicated the conditions that must be fulfilled for a rule 267 notice to be accepted, even discussing twice with the member. One of these conditions, he says, is that the member should spell out that there is no other mechanism whereunder the issue can be raised. He highlights that the member had submitted notices for discussion of the same issue under both rule 267 and 176, calling it a contradiction.

  • August 03, 2023 11:27
    Chair Jagdeep Dhankhar says Manipur debate will be accommodated, invites floor leaders for meet

    Rajya Sabha Chair Mr. Dhankhar invites the floor leaders for a meeting in his chamber at 1 pm. He says that a debate about Manipur will be accomodated, irrespective of time constraints. The House then moves on to next order of business.

  • August 03, 2023 11:24
    Should collectively work for peace in Manipur, yes for discussion: Leader of House Piyush Goyal

    The Leader of the House Piyush Goyal raises to express his views on the point raised by TMC MP Derek O’Brien about discussion of the violence in Manipur.

    Manipur is sensitive issue for everyone in this House, and we have been requesting a wholesome debate on the subject, he says. We should all collectively work for peace and stability and bring back that “healing touch” to Manipur, he adds.

    Thanking Mr. O’Brien for raising this point, Mr. Goyal accedes to a discussion can be held, based on convenience of Home Minister and the business of the House, “if we can work in an orderly fashion.”

  • August 03, 2023 11:20
    Lok Sabha adjourned till 2 p.m. amid Question Hour

    Chair Rajendra Agrawal adjourned the proceedings till 2 p.m. as Opposition members engaged in loud sloganeering on the Manipur issue and raised placards in the well of House.

  • August 03, 2023 11:19
    RS: Chair receives notices for discussion on Manipur, TMC MP Derek O’Brien urges the same

    The Chair announces that 39 notices have been received under rule 267-- 37 pertaining to violence in Manipur, one on the situation in Haryana and Manipur, and one on women’s reservation in legislative bodies.

    The Chair says he cannot admit the rule 267 notices. TMC MP Derek O’Brien rises to seek a discussion for six-eight hours on the Manipur issue, and appeals through the Chair to the Leader of the House.

  • August 03, 2023 11:16
    RS: Motion to nominate two members to JPC on office of profit

    Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal moves that two members be nominated to the joint parliamentary committee on office of profit. The motion is passed.

  • August 03, 2023 11:09
    LS: Housing Minister answers question on SVAnidhi Sheme

    Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Puri informs the House that out a target of 42 lakh, 38 lakh street vendors have benefitted from the Centre’s SVAnidhi Scheme, of which 41% beneficiaries have been women.

    What is the SVAnidhi Scheme?

    The PM SVANidhi is a micro-credit scheme which was launched by the government in 2020 to provide handholding support to street vendors to tide over pandemic-induced economic stress. It facilitates collateral-free loans of ₹10,000, with subsequent loans of ₹20,000 and ₹50,000 with 7% interest subsidy.

  • August 03, 2023 11:04
    Question Hour under way in Lok Sabha
  • August 03, 2023 11:03
    Lok Sabha proceedings begin, Congress demands speaker’s presence

    Amid the din of chants, Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary stands up to demand Spekaer Om Birla’s presence in the House while BJP MP Rajendra Agrawal is in the Chair.

  • August 03, 2023 11:03
    Rajya Sabha commences proceedings at 11 am

    The Rajya Sabha kicks off its proceedings at 11 am, with Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar presiding. The Chair expresses birthday wishes for member Anil Bonde, and the House proceeds to the laying of papers on the table.

  • August 03, 2023 10:54
    Questions should be asked of govt, parties that rubber-stamped insidious forest bill: Jairam Ramesh

    Former environment minister Jairam Ramesh on Thursday said questions should be asked of the government and parties that “rubber-stamped” the “insidious” Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill, 2023, asserting that securing the rights of forest dwellers will be a long struggle. -PTI

  • August 03, 2023 10:06
    Data Protection Bill should be considered as regular bill: Manish Tewari

    Congress leader Manish Tewari on Thursday asked how the Digital Data Protection Bill can be classified as a financial bill, and said it should be considered as a regular bill.

    The bill should again go to a Joint Parliamentary Committee, he said. -PTI

  • August 03, 2023 10:03
    MPs Manoj Jha, Raghav Chadha, Syed Naseer Hussain give Suspension of Business notice to discuss Manipur issue

    RJD MP Manoj Jha, AAP MP Raghav Chadha, Dr. Syed Naseer Hussain have given a Suspension of Business notice under Rule 267 in Rajya Sabha to discuss the Manipur situation in the House.

  • August 03, 2023 10:01
    INDIA leaders to meet in office of Leader of Opposition Rajya Sabha

    INDIA party floor leaders will meet at 10 a.m. in the office of the Leader of Opposition Rajya Sabha in Parliament to chalk out the strategy for the floor of the house.

  • August 03, 2023 09:53
    Rajya Sabha schedule for the day

    1. The Offshore Areas Mineral (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2023

    2. The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023

    3. The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023

  • August 03, 2023 09:50
    Bills to be taken up in Lok Sabha

    1. The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023

    2. The Pharmacy (Amendment) Bill, 2023.

    3. The Inter-Services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023.

    4. The Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill, 2023.

  • August 03, 2023 09:47
    Lok Sabha schedule for the day

    1. Question Hour.

    2. Consideration of any item of Government Business entered in the Revised List of Business for Wednesday, and not concluded on that day.

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