India is proud to be Africa’s partner and Uganda is central in this on the African continent.

    We will build a Gandhi Heritage Centre at the sacred site in Uganda’s Jinja, where a statue of Mahatma Gandhi now stands.

    The story of India’s own freedom struggle is intimately linked to Africa. It is not just the 21 years that Gandhiji spent in Africa, or the First Non- Cooperation Movement he led.

    Your visionary leadership has enabled Ugandans of Indian origin to return to their home, regain their lives and help rebuild the nation that they love, he said addressing the President of Uganda.

    India pursued Afro-Asian solidarity in Bandung. We stood firm in opposition to apartheid in South Africa. We took leading and bold positions in former Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe, in Guinea Bassau, Angola and Namibi.

    India's principled support to Africa's liberation movements often came at a cost to our nation’s trade. This mattered nothing in comparison to Africa's freedom.

    Today, India and Africa stand on the threshold of a future of great promise. India is proud to be Africa’s partner.

    I announced yesterday two Lines of Credit for Uganda. The first, of US$ 141 million for electricity lines. And the second, of US$ 64 million for agriculture and dairy production. Our partnership currently includes implementation of 180 Lines of Credit worth about US$ 11 billion in over 40 African countries. At the last Africa India Forum Summit, we had committed a concessional Line of Credit of US$ 10 billion and US$ 600 million in grant assistance.

    As we work together for prosperity, we have stood together for peace. In all the UN peacekeeping missions in the world, 163 Indians have made the supreme sacrifice. This is the highest number for any country.

    We will keep our markets open and make it easier and more attractive to trade with India. We will support our industry to invest in Africa.

    We will harness India’s experience with the digital revolution to support Africa’s development; Africa has 60% of the world’s arable land, but produces just 10% of the global output. We will work with you to improve Africa’s agriculture. Our partnership will address the challenges of climate change.

    We will strengthen our cooperation in keeping cyberspace secure; we will work with African nations to keep the oceans open and free for the benefit of all nations.

    As global engagement in Africa increases, We must all work together to ensure that Africa does not once again turn into a theatre of rival ambitions, but becomes a nursery for the aspirations of Africa’s youth.