Chennai Rains: How to keep stray animals and pets safe

A dog sitting under a flyover to escape the heavy rain on Sunday   | Photo Credit: RAGU R

For pets

Keep your pets warm, comfortable and dry during the rains; keeping them indoor as much as possible is the best way to prevent infections. Pets can be prone to a number of infections during the monsoon. Cold, cough, pneumonia and respiratory illnesses are common; avoid getting them wet in the rain.

Hygiene is important during damp or wet weather. Worm and skin infections, such as pododermatitis, and ear infections are common. This can be prevented by ensuring regular (but not very frequent) baths, and by keeping their paws, ears and fur clean to prevent ticks and fleas.

If you spot an injured, orphaned or distressed animal during the monsoon, reach out to local animal welfare organisations and rescue groups. For Chennai, these include:
  • Ashwath: 9500149181
  • Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary: 8012634271
  • Cloud No 9: 9176047608
  • Bay of Life: 9940488880
  • Aditya: 9176047608
  • Blue Cross: 9176025265/9677297978

Ensure that the water they drink is clean, preferably boiled or purified. Water-borne diseases, such as gastroenteritis and leptospirosis, can spread by drinking contaminated water.

Take your dog out for a walk in dry areas. Avoid water-logged roads as they could be vulnerable to bites from mosquitoes, rats or even snakes.

Consult a qualified vet for any health issues or for anti-anxiety medication that may be needed, especially if your pet suffers from anxiety during heavy rains and thunderstorms.

For strays

Provide shelter, dry spaces and higher ground to stray animals as much as possible. Simple measures such as keeping your gate open and building temporary shelters in your compound (using cardboard boxes, tarpaulins) for them to take shelter, go a long way in helping them.

In dry spaces, lay out old rugs or sacks for them as it will help keep them warm. Keep a bowl of water and feed them a warm meal if possible as stray animals struggle to find food during the monsoon.

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