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The chai destination in Old City

Irani Cafes in the city have all been known for their creamy chai, scrumptious morning breakfast that they serve and also primarily because they were centres of conversation. It was the usual practice for people to gather around a table sipping hot Irani chai and nibbling on osmania biscuits while discussing the day’s news at hand.

The beauty of the Irani cafes in Hyderabad is that they adapted heavily to the local palate and you definitely see a different menu here. Borrowing the spice richness of the land, their niharis and payas became a bit more watered down but much more flavourful when paired along with the munshi naan.

The chai destination in Old City

The most famous among the Irani cafes is Hotel Shadab in Ghansi Bazaar. A tourist visiting Charminar makes it a point to visit the café situated at the ground floor of the hotel to have a cup of tea and some biscuits.

Hotel Shadab too has been making Irani chai that’s served all through the day.

With Ramzan, how can Hotel Shadab be far behind when it comes to haleem. Being the doyen of Hyderabadi food culture, they make their haleem in huge makeshift vats during Ramzan, where people from all over the city descend to have a bowlful of the delicious fragrant dish.

The chai destination in Old City

However, if you’re a morning person then you should definitely try the breakfast at Hotel Shadab. The bheja fry, bhajji gurda, paya, nihari and keema are what a typical Hyderbadi breakfast is all about. And of course there is a sip of the delightful Irani chai waiting, post the rich breakfast indulgence. You might end up picking up a few Hyderabadi words from the local crowd and soak in the beauty of the Old City. Chai at the cafe costs ₹ 12 and keema roti comes for ₹ 130.

Making of Irani chai

Termed Irani chai in Hyderabad, this tea is actually cooked on dum. The tea leaves are first put under a high pressure in a handi and closed shut bringing out all of their flavours. This concoction is then mixed with condensed milk which has been boiling for nearly 5-6 hours thus imparting it a pinkish-hue. This thickness and cooking style is what makes Irani chai a much loved tea in Hyderabad.

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