10 weeks to 10 k




I am feeling really good. I ran around 19 kms this week and worked on my core and abdomen on my cross-training days. My appetite has increased a little—luckily there was no occasion this week so I continued to eat clean all through it.

I haven’t checked my weights but I’ve toned up and dropped an inch on my hips, I think.

I haven’t had to deal with any aches and pains and hope to continue following the schedule and improve my endurance.


Last week was amazing. There were a few changes in my diet—I added more vegetables and protein in the form of sundals. Also, I cross trained this week with skipping, cycling and some yoga.

I had a bit of a back ache, earlier this week. But a training session with a running coach who instructed us on running technique changed all that. He offered us tips on how to run without injury and now I am able to run without pain.

I’ve always believed that running is a natural phenomenon but now I realize there is a science behind him and I’m thrilled to have discovered it.


I am feeling rejuvenated, emotionally stable and exuberant. I experienced a bit of pain in the right ankle and knee but set it right with a massage and some stretching.

I’ve been eating very healthily this week except for Sunday where I succumbed to Mutton Biriyani. I didn’t cross train on Friday( Cycling) and Sunday( Strength Training) as I attended the training program organized by the Chennai Runners, instead. However the information I obtained, more than made up for the missing workout sessions.

I covered around 21kms this week and did some cycling and stretching. I haven’t lost weight but I feel toned and supple. Next week I want to run about 24km , cycle at least 30 kms and do two sessions of strength. Also, I really hope to have lost a kilos by next week.

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