1. Randomisation of counting supervisors and assistants for deployment will start at 5 a.m.
  2. Counting will begin at 8 a.m. under the supervision of Returning Officers.
  3. Each table in the counting hall will have a counting supervisor and agents picked by candidates or their election agents
  4. EVMs will be inspected in the presence of authorised officials before vote counting.
  5. Counting will be done by supervisor/assistant. Postal ballot papers will be counted simultaneously.
  6. After each round of counting, supervisor will sign it along with the counting agents or candidates. The Returning Officer will countersign. It will then be announced.
  7. The entire process will be video-graphed
  8. This will be followed by the mandatory VVPAT verification. As directed by Supreme Court, counting of VVPAT slips will be done for five random EVMs in each Assembly segment .
  9. In case of mismatch between counting of slips and EVM results, recounting of slips of the particular VVPAT will be done and then election symbols of slips will be checked.
  10. If results don’t tally after implementing the set process, the VVPAT slip count will prevail.