1. In about 10 rural districts of the north-eastern region, the positivity rate exceeded 20%. In Tripura's Dhalai district, it was around 40%.
  2. In the rural districts of Bhadrak and Dhenkanal in Odisha , the positivity rate was around 38%. In Rajasthan's Alwar district, it was 33%. Put together, in 10 rural districts from these two States, the positivity was >20%.
  3. In Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, the gap in the positivity rate between the capital district and other districts widened by the end of May. At least 11 rural districts in Karnataka had a higher positivity rate than Bengaluru Urban. At least 13 rural districts each in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra had a higher positivity rate than Chennai and Mumbai .
  4. In J&K and West Bengal, even by the end of May, the capital districts had a higher positivity rate than the rural districts.