Sleepwell Mattress - Price & Review (2024)

Expert review of Sleepwell mattress near you @ best prices. Sleepwell beds compared with (live pictures) competitors such as Wakefit, Sunday & Kurlon.

December 04, 2023 06:00 pm | Updated 06:00 pm IST

Sleepwell Mattress vs Competitors

Sleepwell Mattress vs Competitors

With over 50 years of dominance, the Sleepwell mattress has set a good reputation for a good night’s sleep tailored to Indian requirements. But the online era has seen brands such as Sunday Mattress emerge as stiff competitors. They offer 30-40% cheaper prices than Sleepwell but also offer free shipping. The best thing is that they let you return the mattress within 100 nights for a full refund if you are unhappy with the product.

For this article, we review Sleepwell’s top-selling mattresses against popular brands such as Kurlon, Sunday (considered the gold standard for high quality with affordable price) and Wakefit (very popular in the cheap mattress range).

Sleepwell vs Competitors: Summary

Table Comparing Sleepwell vs Other Mattress Brands

Table Comparing Sleepwell vs Other Mattress Brands

Sleepwell is undoubtedly one of India’s most prominent and widely available mattress brands in 2023. However, it’s essential to consider how Sleepwell stacks up against well-known brands like Sunday, Kurlon, and Wakefit.

Sleepwell Mattress

As one of the pioneers of mattresses in India, Sleepwell is a trusted brand with a legacy of over 50 years. Sleepwell mattresses are designed to provide comfort and support. Even though the Sleepwell mattress price is on the higher end, customers consistently praise the durability of the Sleepwell foam mattress.

Website :

Customer care: 18001036664

Our testers have tested and evaluated the Sleepwell Ortho Pro 6-inch Double Bed Mattress and Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress in our lab and found great value for money.

Based on our research and customer reviews, we have selected the top 5 Sleepwell mattresses and listed their prices (5 inch queen-size) and average ratings on Amazon (out of 5 stars) below:

  • Sleepwell Dual PRO Reversible 5-inch Single Bed - ₹ 9,326 with 3.9 star rating
  • Sleepwell Stargold - Profiled Foam, 4-inch Single Bed - ₹ 10,656 with 2.5 star rating
  • Sleepwell Ortho PRO Profiled Foam 5-inch Single Bed - ₹ 12,068 with 3.7 star rating
  • Sleepwell Starlite Splendor 5-inch Double Size Foam Mattress - ₹ 7,299 with 4.1 star rating
  • Sleepwell GenX 2.0, 6 Inch Single Bed Size, HR Foam Mattress - ₹ 6,033 with 3.6 star rating
Sleepwell Dual PRO Reversible 5-inch Queen Bed (Source - Sleepwell Website)

Sleepwell Dual PRO Reversible 5-inch Queen Bed (Source - Sleepwell Website)

Sunday Mattress

As a D2C online mattress brand, Sunday stands out for its focus on high-quality materials and transparent purchasing experience. Sunday’s 100% natural mattresses are famous for their luxurious sleeping experience. Customers rave about Sunday mattresses’ cool, hugging feel and their pressure-relieving properties.

Website :

Customer care: 08047494649

We have tested and analysed all three Sunday mattresses in our lab and found them to be the best among all the brands in almost all our testing criteria.

Based on our research and customer reviews, we have listed the prices (8-inch queen-size) and ratings on the Sunday website (out of 5 stars) below:

Sunday Latex Plus Mattress - ₹ 39,999 with 4.8 star rating (Based on 743 reviews)

Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress - ₹ 22,999 with 4.7 star rating (Based on 2793 reviews)

Sunday Ortho Memory Foam Mattress - ₹ 13,999 with 4.5 star rating (Based on 1076 reviews)

Sunday Latex Plus Mattress Review

Sunday Latex Plus Mattress Review

Kurlon Mattress

Trusted for generations, Kurlon remains dedicated to the traditional art of mattress-making with handpicked natural materials. Kurlon’s expertise in materials like coir sets them apart in creating durable mattresses. Many shoppers love Kurlon’s traditional craftsmanship, premium natural materials and tailored comfort.

Website :

We tested five of the best-selling Kurlon mattresses in our lab and found them to be of good quality and comfort. However, we also noticed that some of their models are very similar and may cause confusion among buyers.

Kurlon Desire Top Mattress Review (Source - Kurlon website)

Kurlon Desire Top Mattress Review (Source - Kurlon website)

Based on our research and customer reviews, we have selected the top 5 Kurlon mattresses and listed their prices (queen size) and ratings on Amazon (out of 5 stars) below:

  • Kurl-On Dual Roll Pack Mattress - ₹ 5,914 with 3.7 star rating
  • Kurl-On Natural Coir Mattress - ₹ 10,789 with 4.2 star rating
  • Kurl-On Bonded Foam Mattress - ₹ 9,880 with 4 star rating
  • Kurl-On Natural Coir + Memory Foam Quilt Mattress - ₹ 10,835 with 3.8 star rating
  • Kurl-On Bonnell Spring Mattress - ₹10,920 with a 4.5 star rating
Pro-tip: Based on our experience, getting at least a 10% discount on MRP and up to 20% on higher-range models is not unusual. You get better prices with local dealers than with large or company showrooms.

Wakefit Mattress

Wakefit is a rising star in the online mattress market in India, popular for its foam and hybrid mattresses at affordable prices. Based on the customer reviews from Amazon and Wakefit’s website, most customers were happy with the quality, comfort and affordable pricing. However, some customers have reported delivery, customer service, or warranty issues.

Website :

We tested two of their best-selling mattresses: the Wakefit 7-Zone Latex Mattress and the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress. Both mattresses are available in different sizes and thickness.

Wakefit Duo Plus Mattress (Source - Wakefit website)

Wakefit Duo Plus Mattress (Source - Wakefit website)

Based on our research and customer reviews, we have selected the top 5 Wakefit mattresses and listed their prices (queen size) and ratings on Amazon (out of 5 stars) below:

  • Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress - ₹ 11,178 with 4.5 star rating
  • Wakefit Natural Latex Mattress - ₹ 14,992 with a 4.5 star rating
  • Wakefit Grid Ortho Bed Mattress - ₹ 15,318 with 4.4 star rating
  • Wakefit Spring Mattress - ₹ 10,754 with 4.5 star rating
  • Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - ₹ 7,418 with 4.1 star rating

Sleepwell vs Sunday vs Kurlon vs Wakefit: A Detailed Comparison

Sleepwell Mattress

Sleepwell is a leading Indian mattress brand that’s been around for over 50 years. They were the first company to introduce branded mattresses to the Indian market. Today, Sleepwell offers spring, foam, coir and latex mattresses to suit different needs and budgets. Their mattresses provide excellent comfort and spinal alignment. They are known for good motion isolation as well, which benefits couples.

Sleepwell offers a warranty of up to 15 years and a 100-day free trial period on selected mattresses. Plus, their showrooms across India allow testing of these mattresses in person.

Sleepwell Ortho Pro 6-inch Double Bed Mattress

As mattress reviewers, we consider the Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring, a reliable all-rounder that delivers comfort, support and durability at a reasonable price. In our experience, this popular Sleepwell mattress is a bestselling staple suitable for most sleepers.

The Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring mattress provides ergonomic back support through its 3-zone pocketed coil system while cushioning pressure points with its foam layers. We find the bed sleeps cool and offers durability from quality foams. Though strict side sleepers may find it too firm, the mattress suits back and stomach sleepers well. Overall, this Sleepwell Gadda price is justified by its high-quality materials, precise back support, and minimal motion transfer.

6-inch Sleepwell Orthopaedic Mattress (Source - Our lab)

6-inch Sleepwell Orthopaedic Mattress (Source - Our lab)

What We Liked?

  • Tailored support for shoulders, back, and hips
  • Minimal motion transfer when partner switched positions
  • Airvent technology prevented heat retention
  • Well-constructed with durable materials
  • No need to flip or rotate the mattress

What Can be Improved?

  • Quite firm, not ideal for side sleepers
  • Significant off-gassing odour when first unboxed
  • Compressing the mattress for delivery impacts its durability
  • Lower warranty of just 5-years

Best for : People with back/neck pain, stomach sleepers, and those who prefer latex’s natural airflow. While this Sleepwell bed price is expensive compared to other types, better options, like the Sunday Latex Plus mattress, offer better value to justify the price tag.

Sunday Mattress

Sunday is a leading online mattress brand that makes high-quality latex and foam mattresses. 100% natural OEKO-TEX latex is used, specially sourced from Belgium. Sunday offers latex, memory foam and hybrid models to suit different needs. Sunday focuses on premium materials, transparent pricing, a risk-free 100-night trial, and exceptional customer service. Importantly, Sunday mattresses are never compressed, ensuring the longevity and durability that sets them apart.

Sunday Latex Plus Mattress

This luxurious mattress is popular for its supreme sleeping experience with 100% natural latex construction. The 7-zoned design offers tailored support, cushioning the shoulders and hips while keeping the spine aligned. The breathable Dunlop mattress sleeps cool and minimizes motion transfer. While expensive for some, it’s a quality investment for the eco-conscious buyer seeking long-lasting spinal comfort.

Some downsides are the heavyweight and online-only availability. But overall, hot sleepers, couples, and those seeking pressure relief will appreciate the Sunday Latex Plus mattress’s comfort, support, and natural temperature regulation. Its hypoallergenic cover also makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Sunday Online Mattress Review (Source - Our lab)

Sunday Online Mattress Review (Source - Our lab)

What We Liked?

  • Excellent spinal alignment and comfort
  • Non-compressed, hence 30% more durable
  • No off-gassing odour thanks to 100% natural latex
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Natural temperature regulation
  • A hypoallergic cotton cover protects the mattress. Best for those with allergies.

What Can be Improved?

  • Heavy and difficult to move around
  • Only available on the Sunday website
  • Expensive for those looking for a budget-friendly option

Best for : Couples, hot sleepers, those seeking pressure relief, eco-conscious buyers

Kurlon Mattress

Kurlon is one of India’s leading mattress manufacturers known for their extensive range of coir mattresses. Kurlon has over 50 years of experience in mattress making. They offer beds for all needs and budgets, striking an optimal balance between affordability and quality. While they don’t offer trial periods, Kurlon mattresses are available across India through their vast dealer network.

Kurlon Inspire Mattress

Kurlon Inspire is an affordable mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. The coir and foam layers cradle the body while cushioning pressure points around the shoulders and hips. It also has some bounce and responsiveness for easy movement.

The Kurlon Inspire is not very firm but relatively soft and cosy. We give it a 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest. It suits back and stomach sleepers who weigh less than 80 kg. The mattress has a soft fabric cover that lets air flow through it. However, it may still feel warm in hot weather. The mattress comes with a five-year warranty but no trial option.

5-inch Kurlon Inspire Mattress Review (Source - Our lab)

5-inch Kurlon Inspire Mattress Review (Source - Our lab)

What We Liked?

  • Good back support from coir and foam layers
  • More budget-friendly than other mattresses
  • Tapestry fabric cover is soft and breathable
  • Suitable for those who prefer sinking feel over firmness
  • Motion isolation is decent for lightweight sleepers (up to 80 kg)

What Can be Improved?

  • It lacks the luxurious feel of latex or springs
  • Retains some heat
  • Low warranty of only five years
  • No trial option is available

Best for : Budget buyers needing basic back support and comfort.

Wakefit Mattress

Founded in 2015, Wakefit has become one of India’s emerging D2C mattress startups. Wakefit sells mattresses online via its website and other e-commerce platforms. Wakefit’s product portfolio includes memory foam, spring, and latex mattresses to suit different needs and budgets. Wakefit’s focus is on innovation, quality and customer experience. Wakefit has expanded quickly across India due to its competitive pricing and effective marketing.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This is a firm orthopaedic mattress that supports your spine and back. It has a memory foam layer that reduces pressure and motion transfer. It also has strong edges that do not sag. However, this mattress may be uncomfortable for side sleepers or people who like a soft and bouncy feel. It also tends to trap heat and make you feel warm.

This mattress is appropriate for those seeking the best mattress for back pain. It is a good choice if you need a solid and stable mattress that keeps your spine aligned.

Wakefit Double Bed Mattress (Source - Our lab)

Wakefit Double Bed Mattress (Source - Our lab)

What We Liked?

  • Provides excellent spinal alignment and back support
  • Good pressure relief through memory foam layer
  • Minimal motion transfer when changing positions
  • Exceptional edge support with no sagging

What Can Be Improved?

  • Sleep warm due to heat retention.
  • Not enough cushioning for side sleepers
  • Minimal bounce and responsiveness
  • It lacks a luxurious, plush feeling

Best for : Side and stomach sleepers up to 120 kg seeking back pain relief

Why Trust Us?

Our mattress testing experts provide unbiased insights based on rigorous testing and evaluation by experts. We take an objective three-pronged approach to evaluate the best mattress brands in India.

Our Mattress Testing Expert
Sandhya Ravi leads our mattress testing. Sandhya is an experienced mattress specialist with over ten years of experience in the sleep industry. Sandhya ensures our testing process is rigorous, impartial and focused on how the average consumer will experience the mattress. The team combines scientific analysis of factors like spinal alignment with subjective assessments of feel and quality.
How does sleeping pose affect your posture? (Source - Somatic Movement Center)

How does sleeping pose affect your posture? (Source - Somatic Movement Center)

Mattress Testing Methodology
Our mattress testing process involves three key stages:
Lab Testing - We first evaluate the mattress construction, density, firmness, support, etc., using standardised tests in our lab. This includes indentation load deflection tests for firmness, density tests for foams and impact testing for durability.
Sleep Testing - Next, our team sleeps on the mattress for two weeks or more. We assess comfort, spinal alignment, pressure relief, motion isolation, heat dissipation and edge support through the night.
Review Analysis - We thoroughly analyse customer reviews from verified buyers to understand real-world positives and negatives of the mattress based on long-term use. This provides additional insights from diverse users’ perspectives.
This rigorous 3-stage testing provides complete and impartial data on any mattress.
How to choose the best mattress? (Source - Pinterest)

How to choose the best mattress? (Source - Pinterest)

Sleepwell Mattress Price List

Sleepwell caters to budget, mid-range, premium, and luxury segments. Sleepwell mattress online price ranges from as low as INR 4,313 going up to INR 1,55,000.

Sleepwell Gadda Price List (Queen Size)

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a Sleepwell mattress price list, allowing you to choose the Best Bed that suits your preferences and budget.

Sleepwell Star Gold Mattress - ₹ 7,270

• Sleepwell UTSAV 1.0 Mattress - ₹ 8,216

• Sleepwell UTSAV 2.0 Mattress - ₹ 9,710

• Sleepwell Durafirm 1.0 Mattress - ₹ 11,143

• Sleepwell Durafirm 2.0 Mattress - ₹ 14,631

• Sleepwell Durafirm 3.0 Mattress - ₹ 16,882

• Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress - ₹ 12,070

• Sleepwell Cheer Mattress - ₹ 18,121

• Sleepwell Dual Pro Profiled Mattress - ₹ 9,950

• Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress - ₹ 16,502

• Sleepwell Pocket Spring-Basic (Achiever) Mattress - ₹ 19,425

• Sleepwell Revital 2.0 Mattress - ₹ 19,480

• Sleepwell Mable Mattress - ₹ 25,103

• Sleepwell Premia Mattress - ₹ 29,753

• Sleepwell Spinetech Mattress - ₹ 30,334

• Sleepwell Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress - ₹ 42,973

• Sleepwell Esteem Mattress - ₹ 33,105

• Sleepwell Revital 4.0 Mattress - ₹ 39,435

• Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress - ₹ 54,355

• Sleepwell Impressions Mattress - ₹ 70,418

• Sleepwell Naturalle 1.0 Mattress - ₹ 76,678

• Sleepwell Nexa Mattress - ₹ 79,199

Sleepwell Nexa Mattress (Source - Sleepwell Website)

Sleepwell Nexa Mattress (Source - Sleepwell Website)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sleepwell bed price?

The Sleepwell bed mattress price depends on the size, type, and comfort level of the mattress you choose. We have compiled a Sleepwell mattress price list from the official Sleepwell website. You can also find many of the best Sleepwell mattresses on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or at a nearby store.

Is Sleepwell’s orthopaedic mattress good?

The Sleepwell Orthopaedic Mattress suits people with back, joint, or spinal problems. It provides medium firm support and pressure relief to the body. The Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring mattress and the Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled mattress are designed to provide three zones of support, pressure relief, and motion isolation.

Which Sleepwell mattress is good for back pain?

We recommend choosing a medium-firm to firm Sleepwell mattress for back pain as it aligns the spine and distributes the body weight evenly. The Sleepwell Spinetech Air mattress and the Sleepwell Spinetech Air Luxury mattress are good for back pain as they offer spinal alignment support, contouring, and breathability.

Orthopaedic Mattress for Back Pain (Source - Wooden Street)

Orthopaedic Mattress for Back Pain (Source - Wooden Street)

Why is Sleepwell costly?

Sleepwell bed cost more because it uses high-quality materials, advanced technology, and innovative features to create mattresses that offer comfort, durability, and hygiene. Sleepwell mattresses are backed by a warranty and a customer service network that ensures customer satisfaction.

Which type of Sleepwell mattress is best?

The best Sleepwell mattress depends on your choice, sleeping pose and comfort level. You can use the mattress selector tool on the Sleepwell website to find your perfect match. You can also compare mattresses based on their features and benefits.

How to find the best mattress (Source - Britishbedstores)

How to find the best mattress (Source - Britishbedstores)

Are Sleepwell beds good?

Yes, Sleepwell mattresses are good as they are made by Sheela Foam Limited, one of India’s leading manufacturers of mattresses in 2023. Sleepwell mattresses are also tested and certified by various agencies such as ISI, ISO, BIS, OEKO-TEX, and more.

What is the price of a Sleepwell 6-inch mattress?

The price of a Sleepwell 6-inch mattress depends on the type and size of the mattress you choose. For example, the price of a 6-inch Revital 3.0 Mattress (72”x60”) (Queen size) is ₹29,263, while the price of a 6-inch Durafirm 2.0 Mattress (72”x60”) (King size) is ₹18,084. You can check the Sleepwell mattress online price or at a nearby store.

Which is better, Sleepwell or Kurlon?

The comparison between Sleepwell and Kurlon is subjective and depends on various factors. Both are reputed brands that offer a variety of products to suit different requirements. You can read online mattress reviews and ratings to understand what other customers think about them.

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